Celebrate Women’s Day Right with a Professional Body Rub

International women’s day is all about respect, equality, and celebration of every female out there. Help reduce stress and show her you care by giving a pro body rub. 

International Women’s Day is a celebration for women all over the globe. The international observance hopes to help combat the problems of gender inequality, and afford women the respect and consideration that they deserve. Women all over the world face oppression. From sex trafficking to unequal pay, abuse, and limited access to civil liberties. 

Even if your woman doesn’t seem to be affected by these extreme, and very real, problems- chances are she can still suffer from stress, depression, or just feel a bit disconnected at times. Elite Indulgence reminds us why Bodyrubs aren’t just beneficial for all of the beautiful women who grace our lives- but as they say, it is sometimes better to give than receive!

How Bodyrubs Can Help 

body rub

Bodyrubs aren’t just a wonderful way to help keep your relationship on the steamy side, but they can also provide some very necessary support to the woman in your life. Massages have been shown to reduce tension and the likelihood of injury, improve circulation, even help quell some symptoms of chronic disease. 

Aside from the physical bonuses of touch, there are also some incredible mental ones as well. 


Bodyrubs can help combat stress levels by reducing tension and raising the temperature and circulation within muscles. This can leave many people with a euphoric feeling. During Bodyrubs, the mind can unwind and focus on the touch that it’s experiencing, giving it a nice reprieve every from the onslaught of problems and issues that may be affecting the psyche otherwise. 


When blood flow in the body is improved, hormones and neurotransmitters can flow more freely throughout the body. Serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin levels can rise with a massage. Each of these is vital components when it comes to the health of our mental health! Bodyrubs are a great way to make someone feel cared for and valued- another important part in helping to fight depression. 


When you give a body rub correctly, you listen intently to your partner’s physical clues. You pay attention to small movements, sounds, and facial expressions. This type of intense listening helps to build an emotional connection between yourself and your partner. Improving communication between you both. 

How to Give a Pro Body Rub

body rub

Giving a body rub is easy- but it’s not something that we inherently know how to do. There are many tutorials that can help give you ideas for specific movements and focus areas, but the best way to learn is by listening to your partner. 


Prepare a space that you both feel comfortable and sensual in. Light candles, dim lights, play some soft and relaxing music. Ensure that any distractions are removed from this space before you begin. Consider the fabrics that your partner will be laying on. You want them to be soft, but not too absorbent, as oil can build up and become a bit uncomfortable. 

Oil selection is an important part of the preparation for body rub. Consider your goals for the massage itself. Sweet almond oil is a popular choice for anyone without allergies. Coconut oil is another hugely popular choice as it can easily double up as a personal lubricant. Algae gel is the traditional selection for Nuru massage and comes with some added benefits for the skin. 


Prepare to give your partner what their body is looking for. Pay very close attention to how they move, focus on areas that they obviously enjoy. Don’t jump to any areas that interest you the most. In fact, take your wants and needs out of the equation entirely. This will open you up to being able to more easily understand what it is your partner is wanting. 


Once you learn how to put your partner first, that feeling of value and support will surely be returned to you. Not only that but as you improve your ability to listen to your partner’s body and increase their sensuality and desire, your sex life may just improve as a result!

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