How to Progress in the Printing and Publishing Industry?

Graphic communications are all around us: When reading a newspaper, novel, or cereal box; drink from a beverage can; open a can of soup, or eat from a bag of chips. Products of this diverse industry include booklets and product literature, including forms such as designed and printed bed sheets, wallpaper, clothing, flooring and the list goes on. Every advertisement from the billboards and comic strips to detergent boxes and toothpaste tubes are produced by the graphic communications industry. Read on to know how you can kick start your career in this fascinating industry.

What Does the Graphic Printing and Publishing Industry Entail?

Graphic communications refer to the term used by graphic design industries for operations involved in reproducing an image. The image can be a word, photograph, or illustration, which can be reproduced on a variety of media (paper, cloth, metal, glass, or plastic) for the message that can be widely seen. There is a wide range of career opportunities right after their graduation in the following divisions within corporations, banks, and even retail stores:
publishing industry

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  • Spanning printers;
  • Publishers;
  • Packagers;
  • Papermakers;
  • Ink makers;
  • Equipment manufacturers;
  • In-house design;
  • Printing departments.

Why Should you Choose Graphic Printing and Publishing Career Path?

Joining the graphic communications industry is a wise career choice for trained students interested in pursuing higher education in a field related to graphic communications. The demand for printed end products has skyrocketed a decade back and will continue to grow. The increased use of digital gadgets and the internet has in turn given a boost in the demand for printed products. The era of convenience and throw-away packaging helps the graphic communications industry gain profit, producing a wide variety of books, catalogs, labels, food, corrugated boxes, packaging, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and greeting cards.
This on-going demand for printed items has stabilized the number and diversity of job opportunities in graphic communications. The rising technological advancements in the graphic communications industry is another reason for the plethora of opportunities that it can offer to the graduates. The printing and publishing industry requires professionals to work with computers, lasers, as well as satellites. The potential careers in graphic communications can help to illustrate a few of the possible paths to be considered in a sector that employs so many and transforms the lives of so many daily.
publishing industry

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In order to pursue a career in the printing and publishing sector, you must conduct a thorough research about academic institutes offering graphic communication and imaging courses. Consider a graphic design course in Dublin if you are interested in learning a good vocation, having a solid career path in the printing and publishing industry, and making a good living in the graphic communication field. Send in your applications now!

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