What Features to Look For in a Plastic Portable Hot Tub

Hot tubs may mean fun for the many family members. It’s great for outdoor parties, picnics, get-togethers, and other activities that both adults and children will enjoy. Aside from being a great source of entertaining activities, it can also bring health benefits, especially to the elder members.

A quick soak on the hot tub reduces pain, relieves arthritis, sore muscles, stress, and many more. Blood circulation in the body improves, and many people will become healthier just by soaking in a hot bath. After a routine morning walk, one can feel more invigorated and be ready for the day ahead. A long soak will help you feel more reconnected, and you can sleep better through the night.

However, there are a lot of hot tubs that are available in the market today. This means that a regular consumer may find it hard to find the best one with the features that he needs. With this said, it is essential to get an inflatable hot tub with seats or a portable one that can match a family’s lifestyle. Choose high-quality ones from legit manufacturers. Here are some of the best tips to help you get started.

How to Choose the Portable Hot Tub

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  1. Consider the Materials

It is crucial to choose which materials are right for you. The plastic ones are made from a specialized powder that is resistant to heat, mold, and more. The plastic shells may have a matte finish, and they are lightweight.

The vinyl ones are usually found in pools. The vinyl liner creates a shell, and this is a more inexpensive option for many homeowners. There are also acrylic shells that were placed in molds before getting into formation. Some were incorporated with fiberglass and resin to provide extra strength, and you can choose from various colors.

  1. Exterior Cabinets

If you plan to make a spa inside the home, you may want to consider exterior cabinets. These cabinets are rich and warm, and some have wide ranges of colors that you can choose from. If you are running a spa, you may want to consider the side panels that are cost-friendly alternatives to the cabinets. These panels are made from synthetic plastic, and they are easy to maintain. Just a quick spray from your garden hose will make these panels look brand new again.

  1. Insulation

The interior of the tub will be insulated with a specific material. This will make the hot water retain more of its temperature. The insulation material will sometimes be made up of expanding foam. The manufacturers will fill an entire cabinet to insulate the underside of the shell.

If you are located in an area with a colder climate, you may need to check that the hot tub’s interior is filled with insulating materials. Adequate insulation will let you and your family enjoy warmer baths longer. You can read more about the benefits of warm baths on this site here. The interior floor and the outer shell will be the essential parts that should be insulated.

  1. Lights

Lights are standard nowadays, especially if an outdoor party will last until twilight. The aesthetic quality that different lights can provide brings wonders to both children and adults. The lighting system is usually placed along the rim, on the water’s edge, and below the tub.

The different placements of the lights make moving of the tub an easier process. You can move the portable one in any area that you want and enjoy the dancing of different colors. Some of the hot tubs even have features where the light changes brightness and colors according to your preferred lighting. Most of the lights are LED bulbs, so they are energy-efficient.

  1. Controls of the Hot Tub

Users will appreciate the remote-controlled features and user-friendliness of many hot tubs. If you are a tech-savvy person and you want to control your bathing options through your smartphone, then there are features that you may not want to miss.

Some models in the market today will allow you to control the pumps, lights, heater, and many more. The most common features to look for on the apps and the panels are the following:

  • Blowers – When you take control of the blowers, you allow the air influx in your tub. This can cause bubbles on the surface, which many children will enjoy.
  • Lights – Turn the lights on or off through a switch. Many features allow you to adjust the color brightness and contrast as well.
  • Temperature – The temperature settings may allow you to have cooler or warmer tubs. However, you may have pre-programmed ones with at least 104 degrees or cooler, so you may want to keep these in mind before adjusting to your preferred temperature.
  • Warnings and Alert Signals – You may want to get signs when the GFCI of the tub fails, and the entire thing overheats. If there are alerts, then you may want to immediately get out of the water and check your control panel.
  1. Massage Streams

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You may want jets of water massaging your aching shoulders, which is possible by setting your tub’s configurations. When you shop for one, you may want to look for the overall water pressure and jet designs. Consider choosing ones that have neck and foot jets for added benefits. Know more about good inflatable ones here:

These are just some of the features to look for when choosing a portable tub. You may want to browse online for ideas about the features, prices, and overall look of a portable tub. What’s important is you get the one that is right for you and your family.

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