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Different Methods Used for Pest Control

It’s really disgusting to see pest and creepy crawlies in your home; they are disturbing for us. Moreover, they are a severe threat to people as they can damage furniture, clothing and also give you many severe diseases.
However, now you can overcome this problem by doing pest control in your home, and many companies will help you in having a pest-free stay at your home. And these pest control companies use many ways in discriminating these invaders; they are mainly divided into eight categories like:

  • Chemical treatment   
  • Biological treatment 
  • Physical treatment 
  • Fumigation
  • Fogging 
  • Temperature treatment 
  • Natural treatment 
  • Hygienic treatment’

pest control

First one is the Most Reliable Method Called Chemical Pest Control 

This is the most reliable and effective method. This is the primarily used method in which chemical pesticides are used to get rid of insect infestation or rodents. However, these pesticides and insecticides are made by a chemical which makes them highly toxic, the suit should be used carefully by following all the instructions the pesticides include rodent sides rodenticides which strong chemical used to kill rats and other mammals too. However, this rat poison is extremely toxic making it dangerous for other animals, so many pest controls companies have stopped using it. Insecticides are the products with chemical composition capable of killing small insects like ants, roaches, and fleas. These insecticides come in both granule and spray forms and are very useful in getting rid of them.

Biological Pest Controlling Methods

This method does not use any kind of chemical, pesticides or insecticides to stop pests. The biological method uses the advantages of natural hierarchy. This process has its roots from our ancestors; this method is straightforward in which natural pest is used to control a certain type of pest; it is generally used by gardeners or farmers to control the infestation. The example, they introduce toads in farms to control beetles that destroy crops and trees.
Another process used by gardeners is the use of beneficial microorganisms on plants, it is a prudent method in which helpful microorganism is in a symbiotic relationship with a plant, it protects plants dissuading pests and kill dangerous bacteria’s and fungus.

Physical Pest Control Method

One of the most commonly used methods in which pests and insects are eliminated by trapping, killing and removal of pests.
Generally, pests grow and hide in dark safe places and places within enough food supply, and if you need any of these factors, then you can stop their breeding, and you can achieve this by keeping your home gardens and farms clean dry and warm. 
 Another physical way that can be used is the field is burning, which one of the oldest methods which are used all over. This fire is set in the field to burn debris and the top layer which is home for many insects, but slowly people have stopped practicing it as it causes pollution, kills good insects and also reduces soil fertility.
Next is Trapping in which physical traps are used to catch these pests. These traps can work for you if you place it in areas that focus on showing the signs of pest invading the mostly help you in catching rodents, birds and small animals.

Fumigation Method 

It takes a long time period of about 48 to 72 hours during which chemical is sprayed in your home, so you will have to leave your house for about 3 to 4 days. This is going to be highly effective for you as it will kill not only pest but also their eggs and larvae, which will stop breeding completely.

Fogging Method

This method will work well for flying pests such as house bees, mosquitoes, wasp, moths and fruit flies. It is carried by a specially designed machine known as ULV fogging machine, which is filled with insecticides, which is sprayed in areas infested by insects.

Temperature Treatment 

pest control
In this method, the area infected by the pest is heated to a temperature of 55-60°C. Moreover, at this temperature, you can quickly eliminate the creepy crawlies, whether they are grown ones, eggs or larvae. And it’s a safe and popular method used by pest control providers.

Natural Pest Control Method 

These are the safest method used, and it can also be done by yourself. In this process, all the natural products are used, making them both effective and environment friendly.

Hygienic Methods

You can achieve pest control by this method by making your home clean. You should regularly clean the areas where you store your food. Always clean your work tables, floors, cupboards to make it germ-free. Keep your kitchen clean, your dishes washed, and scraps dumped properly. Keeping your home clean will help deter many pests.
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