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Immigration Services During the Pandemic – Challenges and Opportunities

During the pandemic, many companies have faced the challenge of transferring their work processes online, as the face-to-face business could no longer be conducted.

Not all businesses managed to handle this challenge effectively and maintain their operations. Undoubtedly, the strongest competitive advantage was gained by advanced online companies that have developed strong technical solutions way before the global pandemic. Immigration consultancies are an interesting case. The human side is very important in the process of immigration consultancy, as it is impossible to get expert assistance without quality interaction with immigration experts. However, the strongest immigration companies managed to bring their processes online, build an advanced online service and even developed unique software for managing the immigration application process. Online immigration services have seen increased demand, which pushed them to further excel their technological solution and deliver better user experience. Several online companies in the Canada immigration sphere, for example CanadaCIS, are especially successful in providing seamless and efficient service, powered by unique technological solutions.

Canada Immigration in 2021 

In January 2021 the Canadian government announced that the country is still committed to its goal of welcoming around 410,000 new residents this year. While there is a good chance to get into this quota, it’s quite complicated to do it alone – that’s why most immigrants opt for immigration consultancy services. An immigration company’s primary goal is to help clients in all steps of the immigration process: choose a program, collect the necessary documents, correctly submit a request for a work visa, residence permit or citizenship.

When the pandemic started, many aspiring immigrants were worried about having to interrupt their immigration process, and that’s where online companies came in handy. Online immigration services are an opportunity not to freeze your immigration process due to the pandemic, but continue and even improve your experience. An immigration expert can advise you and answer questions online, help you decide on an immigration program, collect and prepare the necessary package of documents, and so on, and all this without you having to leave your home.

It’s impressive how many things can be done online – from filing and submitting applications to signing legal documents in one click.

Of course, online immigration services must provide the highest level of service and keep the technological part at a highly advanced level.

Canadacis Reviews – Immigration Expertise and Advanced Technology

There are various online immigration services to choose from. CanadaCIS is one of them and, as client reviews prove, it is one of the strongest companies in the Canada immigration field.

The CanadaCIS team collaborates with experienced immigration consultants (RCICs), job search consultants, lawyers and other professionals that can provide you with all immigration-related services. 

It’s an example of a successful immigration agency that effectively uses advanced technology to deliver immigration consultancy services. The company has built an advanced online system with many benefits for their clients:

  • Simple registration in a couple of clicks;
  • Ability to contact your immigration expert 24/7;
  • Ability to upload documents in one click and safely store them in your personal profile;
  • Quality control and verification of all documents;
  • Extra online services on demand: language courses, job search and more.

It’s evident from CanadaCIS reviews that clients enjoy the fast and straightforward process and are satisfied with the convenient online service.

How to Know if an Immigration Agency Is Legitimate

Immigration is a big life changing step that often involves quite high expenses. You should surely do a careful research, before trusting your immigration to an online company, as you wouldn’t want to be a victim of scam and pay your money to fraudulent fake agencies. Luckily, there are many reliable and honest companies out there – the challenge is to find them. Check out these tips on choosing a legitimate Canada immigration agency, based on CanadaCIS reviews. 

First, a legitimate immigration agency must provide information about its licensed lawyers and/or RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). The agency must provide you with clear contact information (email, phone number, address), information about the company (legal entity, information about the team, testimonials and successful cases). 

The website has to look professionally (no irrelevant distracting information, grammar mistakes and questionable content) and contain clear up-to-date information.

Always check terms and conditions and privacy policy – you’ll need to share your documents with the company, so you should make sure it’s a trustworthy company that will take good care of your confidential information. 

The website has to contain an easy way to sign up or request a consultation. During the first conversation, you should be given all essential information about the immigration process and the services. Pay attention to how the company representative is talking to you, as it’s important to find a good personal connection with your immigration expert. 

Last but not least, make sure to choose a company that is technologically advanced and ready to face the modern challenges of the pandemic. If an immigration agency has its own online system and a dedicated software for helping you in your immigration process, chances are – it’s a very strong and advanced company you can trust.

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