How Omega Seamaster Watch Differentiate Itself from All Other Brands of Watches?

The Omega seamaster is a series of quartz watches which is produced by Omega in the year of 1948. This Omega seamaster is more popular among celebrities because it looks so modern and stylish. It is made of stainless steel and also a bracelet type. It is a screw in type and has a case back which is imprinted with the Omega hippocampus logo in it. It is water resistant, world-class design, has a unidirectional bezel and has a blue, silver, black dial with the orange accents, anti-reflective and contains a helium release valve.
Omega produces many models of seamaster watches with more number of colors, types, movements and also the casing sizes. The omega seamaster aqua terra is one of the fast-moving watches which are being produced by the Omega. This watch is first introduced in the year 1948 and is based on the design which is made for the Royal Navy of the British. The original seamaster features an O ring gasket which is the symbol of waterproof. This design is being developed for use in the submarines during the world war and can be used by the army or the military person’s. This watch is most useful for them because it shows the temperature and pressure of the surrounding environment so that they can easily notify it. The first record made by the Omega seamaster is during the year 1955 when the diver Gordon McLean from Australia reached a depth of 62.5 meters.
This is a beautifully engineered watch which attracts everyone with its stylish look.  The development of chronometers in this Omega seamaster is the next step in Omega brands journey.

Features of Omega seamaster:

  • This watch contains astronomical observations which are associated with the time measurements.
  • This shows the latitude and longitude of the place and this helps the military men or the army people to find their direction using this Omega seamaster.
  • As it is waterproof, this won’t affect if being touched with the water and all the sea divers can use this for finding the direction while traveling under the sea.
  • The sea master’s style has featured the brand and it becomes more stylish where it is suitable for all the type of dresses.
  • The lower model of Omega seamaster is also water resistant and shows the direction and when the model gets increased day by day, the functionality and the look of the watch also changes.

The current series of omega seamaster aqua terra consists of 150-meter water resistant and the sea master’s professional series consists of 300 meters water resistant and with diving oriented features which are in a sports watch style. There are still more models available like sea master 120 series which is a water resistant with 120 meters and has a dress watch style. The Omega seamaster is a diving watch which is used for swimming and all other water-related activities.

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