Simple Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

In an age where users endlessly scroll and swipe through their social media feeds, having effective Instagram marketing is paramount to make your content stand out and to achieve your desired conversion.
Like most social media platforms, Instagram’s feed algorithm is designed in a way that promotes users to remain on their app or website. With each new post you see or interact with as you scroll, the algorithm is recalculating and delivering high-quality, relative content in real-time.  Posts lacking creativity, strategy, or user engagement are bound to be ranked lower in terms of quality.  

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Businesses utilizing Instagram to grow their brand recognition or to drive sales should be keen on making each post have significant value to “beat” the algorithm. Below are a few best Instagram marketing practices to maximize your content’s quality and appear in more users’ feeds.

Engage Your Audience

Instagram boasts a monthly active user base of over 1 billion users, and according to their official statistics, 90% of all accounts follow at least one business page. This implies, intrinsically, that users are expecting to be marketed to when using Instagram. One simple way to motivate these users to interact with your page or content is to engage with them directly.  
Each like, comment, and share is understood by the Instagram algorithm that the specific user wants to see more of your content and that other users may feel similar, thus promoting it to them as well.  Here it becomes important to post content that gets users’ attention and prompts them to interact, such as to comment on something related to the post.

Trust in Your Data

Your business account on Instagram provides a full set of valuable analytics for your profile and each individual post.  Understanding how to read and address these analytics is a core function of Instagram marketing.  Using the data available, you should be able to identify which posts are most effective to your marketing strategy.
A simple approach would be to look at the impressions and reach of each individual post of a campaign and pull out the best and worst performing posts.  Understanding what worked and what didn’t work gives you quick insights into which types of posts were effective, thus giving you a template to work with for the next campaign.  

Quality over Quantity

Just because you post a lot of content doesn’t necessarily mean that all your content will get seen.  As mentioned above, Instagram’s algorithm intends to only show you what it deems quality content.  Understanding what your target audience enjoys and posting it at their peak usage times improves your chances of achieving your Instagram marketing goals.  Particularly in a highly competitive landscape, having your brand be synonymous with high-quality content is a surefire way to maximize the platform’s utility. 

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