6 Safest and Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Sacramento

Is it possible to find affordable housing in a safe neighborhood located within a major California city? If the city is the state capital of Sacramento, the answer is a resounding yes.
As the fastest growing city in California, Sacramento is the epicenter of innovative public policy programs, many of which end up rolling out in other California cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as other municipalities located throughout the United States. Because the demand for housing in Sacramento is high, many neighborhoods have seen values rise dramatically, but there are still pockets of deals to be had. Utopia Management, property specialists in Sacramento, share with us six surprisingly affordable neighborhoods that offer a safe haven for families of all sizes.


Ensconced between Interstate 5 and the Sacramento River, the Pocket neighborhood is considered safer than more than 80% of other California neighborhoods. With the average monthly rent at $1,070 and a median home purchase price of nearly $370,000, the Pocket neighborhood is an affordable place to raise a family.
A widely diverse combination of apartment complexes and single-family houses attracts a large base of young professionals. The same young professionals that move into the neighborhood early in their careers tend to remain in the neighborhood when the time comes to start a family. Several highly rated schools that include the renowned School of Engineering & Sciences provide students with a superior learning environment. Neighborhood parks like Garcia Bend Park and Parkway Oaks Park are ideal spots to walk the family dog or to engage in a little Frisbee golf.


Situated on the eastern edge of Sacramento, the College/Glen neighborhood gives residents quick access to the region’s popular light rail system. This means the neighborhood attracts a large segment of professionals that prefer to commute to work, with someone else in control of transportation. The light rail system reaches downtown Sacramento, as well as the bustling city of Folsom, California.
The median home price in the College/Glen neighborhood is around $287,000, which makes the neighborhood one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Sacramento. The crime rate sits well below the average for California neighborhoods. Top-rated public and private schools include West Campus and Cristo Rey High School.

Natomas Park

Natomas Park in sacramento
As one of the model neighborhoods used to test new crime-fighting initiatives, the Natomas Park neighborhood of Sacramento is considered safer than 70% of other California neighborhoods. Median monthly rent runs $1,160, with the median home purchase price a little more than $285,000. Several parks make the neighborhood one of the easiest to walk in the Sacramento area. North Natomas Community Park offers neighborhood residents a bike trail, sports fields, and several young child-friendly playgrounds.
Natomas Park is also well known for its diverse culinary scene. Kabob & Grill offers delectable Mediterranean fare, while Bella Bru Café serves an Italian menu that includes a large number of house inspired dishes.

Hollywood Park

As a recent addition to the list of “Hottest Real Estate Markets” in the United States, Hollywood Park is located conveniently near several cultural attractions. Take a short drive to reach the Sacramento Zoo and enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood on your way to Funderland Amusement Park. Nearby cultural amenities make Hollywood Park a huge hit among young families.
Easy access to downtown Sacramento is another reason the neighborhood experiences a high demand for single-family housing. Young professionals avoid traffic congestion that is a regular occurrence on Interstate 5. High demand for housing has not created a costly bubble, as the median purchase price for a single-family home is about $271.000. Renters can expect a median monthly rent payment of $993. Hollywood Park is safer than more than 80% of other California neighborhoods.

Willow Creek

Once thought of as one of the priciest neighborhoods in Sacramento, Willow Creek has found its way on the list of the six safest and most affordable neighborhoods located in the “City of Trees.” Monthly median rent is $1,373 and the median purchase price of a home sits at $303,000. Although both figures appear to be a bit higher than what you can expect to pay for housing in many other Sacramento neighborhoods, Willow Creek makes this list because it is safer than 95% of other neighborhoods located in California.
Spectacular views from nearby hillsides and a large number of land and water recreational activities make Willow Creek a popular place for people that enjoy active lifestyles. Running along the southern border of the neighborhood, the Sacramento River offers residents the chance to fish and jet ski. Sand Cove Park provides a large beach, as well as a nature area delivering educational programs for all ages. Shorebird Park is where you can unleash your competitive juices playing softball and volleyball.

Tahoe Park

Tahoe Park in sacramento
Named after a park located in the middle of the neighborhood, Tahoe Park is considered safer than more than 70% of other California neighborhoods. It also is a popular neighborhood for young parents in search of a highly rated education system. Tahoe Elementary, Capitol Elementary, and Hiram W. Johnson High School rank near the top of all Sacramento schools.
The featured park named for the neighborhood includes sports fields, swimming pools, and barbecue structures that residents rent out for private events. With a median home price of $235,000, Tahoe Park ranks near the top as the most affordable neighborhood in Sacramento. Nearby restaurants such as Milano Pizza and Bacon & Butter ensure residents do not have to travel far to enjoy the delicious fare.

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