Moving to London after the Pandemic – 3 Top Tips

Few would disagree that the last ten months have transformed the way that we approach life. For many people, it’s made them take a step back and ask themselves if the area they are living in is right for them, or if a change is necessary.
Suffice to say, London is still going to be a top destination for many. Sure, there will be changes, but this is always going to be one of the most sought-after cities in the world to reside in.
Bearing this in mind, if you are contemplating a move to the capital in a post-pandemic world, read on to discover our three top tips.

Tip #1 – Services Tend To Be Slower

Firstly, let’s start with the practicalities of a move. Most businesses are being asked to operate in a Covid-secure manner. Ultimately, this is time consuming, and it means that many can’t quite operate as efficiently as they once could.
This could impact a whole host of practicalities, with moving day being one of them. Are both parties working with a full team of solicitors? Does the removal company need more notice? The same could apply to every professional you turn to during the moving process.
Think about how flexible you can be around your moving date, even looking at options for local storage if the need arises.

Tip #2 – Think More About The ‘new World’

Once upon a time many people relocated to London in a bid to sample the higher salaries that a capital city tends to bring.
There’s no doubt that this is likely to be true forever, but your way of work may be changing. Particularly if you are generally based in an office, how likely is it that your company (or profession in general) is going to operate from a physical office on a full-time basis?
If there’s a chance that this isn’t going to happen, you can broaden your horizons. The suburbs have become more popular during the pandemic and rather than placing yourself on a busy, yet convenient, transport line, you might think more about your next area from a general lifestyle perspective.

Tip #3 – What Will Your New Area In Question Look Like?

Following on from the previous point, what exactly will your potential new area look like?
As we all know, the pandemic has transformed the way that we live our day-to-day lives. On some occasions this is frustrating (to put it mildly), but on others it has been a gamechanger. Businesses have had to adapt, and, in some cases, high streets will no longer look the same.
From your perspective, how does this affect your move? Did you want to be placed in the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping district? If you did, how many of these stores are going to exist in the capital in a post-pandemic world?
These are tough questions to ask, and there are no definitive answers, but by tackling them now you can lessen the possibility of making an expensive mistake.

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