Most Expensive Jeans Brands in 2019 – The Top 10

Clothing is made to enhance your look and give you the admiring personality. Jeans is one of the best clothing items that is considered the most wearing fashion attire for men and women. It’s known as the most comfortable and elegant dress which is affordable too. Jeans is the attire worn by every age group including kids, adults, and teenagers. It’s a popular wear among people all around the world. You can grab it casually and formally for an alluring look. The trend of wearing jeans is a famous trend among young generation. Nowadays there are numerous jean-selling brands and we are mentioning the most expensive jeans selling brands here, which provide their customers with high-quality jeans. The price of jeans is now increased due to the popularity of the brand, the name of the designer and high-quality stitching and perfect cuts. Here in this post, you will get to know about Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans Brands In The World 2019. All the items will perfectly match with Mens Leather Jacket from USA Jacket. So you can buy the perfect Jacket for your ideal jeans.

  • Diesel – Most Expensive Jeans Brand
    diesel jeans logo

Diesel is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands was invented in 1978. It is the famous jeans manufacturing brand. They offer you a variety of jeans for all age groups like men, women, and kids. The brand prepares the largest amount of apparels in the best quality. This brand is known for its casual wears. They are expensive because they are the most popular brand. As far as its price is a concern, it offers jeans at $15,600.

  • Escada
    escada logo

Escada is another jeans manufacturing company, which was established in the year 1978. It offers the customers jeans, different fashion items, and clothing accessories for men and women both. It’s considered as the most expensive jeans producing brand. It’s expensive because it makes high-quality jeans and its stitching style is admiring. It’s selling price is $10,000 above. It offers clients to buy their own personal detailing jeans.


  • Earnest Sewn

Earnest Sewn jeans logoWhen talking about the popular fashion brand that produces jeans, then Earnest Sewn would be on the top list because it’s a clothing brand, which prepares different outfits especially of denim for men and women both. This brand was established in the year 2004 and becomes famous among youngsters due to its high-quality material and fashionable looks. It features gold and silver chains with crystal detailing. The make jeans in custom fit so that you can grab your ideal pant. They are best known for their custom-designed jeans, which are integrated with innovation stitching and style.


  • Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana is a renowned and a reputed clothing brand in the world. It’s famed jeans manufacturing brand better known as D & G. It was established in 1985 and from then, this company is producing high quality and lavish jeans. The jeans under brand name Dolce &Gabbana is more expensive because of its quality and the name of the designer behind it. They offer you some seasonal collection for men and women both. The brand is famous as a luxury and expensive fashion brand all over the world. There were two designers named Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, they first opened a small shop and they have named it Dolce &Gabbana.


  • Secret Circus Jeans

Secret Circus Jeans logoSecret Circus Jeans is a famous and well-known jeans brand in the world. Like all other famous jean brands, its material is also amazing. Their jeans are prominent among kids, men, and women because of the stitching cuts and hues. The jeans by Secret Circus always launch designs according to the latest fashion. It’s an expensive jeans brand not only because of its name but it’s also luxurious because of its quality and modern touch.


  • Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli most expensive jeans brands

When we talk about a quality outfit with beautiful detailing, then the name of Roberto Cavalli always comes in our mind. It was established in 1970 and became famous for its high quality and wonderful jeans style. Roberto Cavalli is a famous fashion brand, which is known for manufacturing the most expensive jeans in the world and now, known as a well-reputed jeans brand.


  • Levi’s
    Levi’s most expensive jeans brands

Levi’s, which is also identified as Levi Strauss & Co. is a famed firm, who is famous because of quality, manner and look. It was established in 1853 and become the largest selling jeans brand. It is the most popular clothing brand in the world but generally famous for their relaxed and fashionable style jeans. It offers stylish and luxury jeans for men and women both.


  • A.P.O. Jeans
    A.P.O. Jeans expensive brands

A.P.O. Jeans is known as the most demanding garments manufacturing brand that creates a huge number of jeans and denim wears. It provides jeans from workout to ramp. Its high-quality jeans producing firm that is popular in the whole world but it is not possible for everyone to buy A.P.O jeans because it’s very much expensive. A.P.O. Jeans is the renowned name of quality and style in the world.


  • 7 For All Mankind
    7 For All Mankind expensive jeans

7 For All Mankind is a popular fashion store that offers you a variety of clothes and fashion products for all including men, women, and kids since 2000. It is an expensive brand, which provides high-quality denim and clothing style to make you look astonishing. It has been selling people the most expensive but high-quality clothes.


  • Gucci
    Gucci most expensive jeans brand

Gucci is the number 1 ranked most expensive clothing brand that creates jeans and other denim products for the whole world. It’s a well known and the most significant and expensive jeans brand. It’s not only famous because of jeans but its famed for its clothes, fashion accessories, eyewear, shoes, and handbags as well. The brand was established in 1921 and then it becomes famous for making high-quality clothes.

All the jeans brands mentioned on the list are high profiled and they usually offer jeans for everyone in the world. These are known as the expensive brands known for their stylish cutting and high-quality material with best detailing. The best part about these brands is that they produce products for maximum countries from all over the world such as USA, Italy, India

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