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Diagnosing The Most Common Hot Water Problems

Turn the tap on and after a few moments the hot water will come out. The exact amount of time it takes for the hot water to reach you will depend on the amount of pipe between the hot water heater and you. It may mean waiting for a few moments but you’ll do so, knowing that the hot water will arrive.
But, what if it doesn’t? Problems with hot water systems can be extremely varied, you need to know the most likely issues, this will allow you to fix them or call an appropriate plumber/heating engineer.
The best idea is to have a good Canberra hot water and plumbing specialist on speed dial, this will help you to get a fast response and hot water again. Of course, it’s also a  good idea to learn a little more about potential issues.
To help you deal with this unexpected and unpleasant issue it’s a good idea to be familiar with the most common hot water problems:

Hot Water Tank Leaking

hot water problems
This is generally obvious because the pressure will drop, you may even see traces of water around the tank. A leaking tank will almost certainly need to be replaced.

No Hot Water

Assuming the power has been on and your hot water tank should have heated the water then a lack of hot water suggests either a problem with the power supply or a problem with the element in the tank.
You can test the power supply at the positive terminal below the tank, if there is a current then you need to suspect the heating element, especially if it’s old. 
Changing it involves draining the tank, unbolted the element, and bolting a new one in.

Not Enough Hot Water

If there are several of you taking showers one after each other then you never want to be the last one, in case the water supply runs out. This can be a result of individuals spending too much time n the shower.
However, it can also be a result of cold pipes, that’s a particular problem in the winter. It can also indicate a problem with your thermostat, it will probably need to be replaced. However, it is possible that your thermostat is simply set too low, try turning it up a little to see the difference.
It’s also worth considering that you’ve developed a wiring issue, visually inspect all the wiring to the hot water heater and get a professional to verify it all.

Noisy Tank

hot water problems
When the tank starts to make noises it generally means that there is too much sediment at the bottom of the tank and it is struggling to do its job properly. The bangs are air moving around and will resolve itself once you’ve flushed the tank out. 
Of course, understanding the potential issue is only the start of the battle for hit water. It is advisable to use a professional to rectify the issue. This will ensure it’s done properly.

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