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Will Loft Conversions Ever Rule the World?

Renovation and adaptation of the attic is a big expense and certainly a big move to make, but the prospect of additional space appears to many. Before you start the conversion and re-arrangement of the previously unused space, you should take the time to prepare the space for the new purpose and make a plan of the conversion. You should also check out if any permit is necessary. Why are loft conversions so popular? Do you think they will ever rule the world of renovations? Is this cost effective?

Why should you convert your loft?

In older buildings, especially those from the sixties, seventies and eighties, the loft is used mostly to store unnecessary things. Most of the houses, which were designed about that time, were not built with the assumption that the attic would be used for something else. But as time goes on, there are not enough rooms that are adapted to the needs of users. If you’re struggling with the lack of space you should go for a loft conversion.

Of course, it means that you’ll have to spend more than you planned for your annual renovation and might exceed the budget. Although it is an additional cost, don’t let it stop you from investing in your home. Even if you don’t use the area for sleeping, working or relaxing, and only go there to hide another unnecessary thing, you still need to relay on your pitched roof windows to protect your belongings from the weather and the elements. The roof should be insulated and warmed regardless of how you use the space, as the heat loves to escape through the roof.

From an economic point of view, it is always easier to renovate a house while adapting the attic to a usable one, rather than building an extension. If you choose to convert, you are able to do it with a limited budget. Moreover, the attic adaptation usually doesn’t have to involve reconstruction of the whole roof. Of course, it also depends on what you want to get and in what condition the building is. The outcome of loft conversion is an additional space that can be transformed not to one, but to a few additional rooms.

What can you do with the extra space?

A loft conversion is the easiest way to add some extra space to your home. It’s so popular because it transforms what you already have. The conversions tempt us the unusual shape of the loft, original atmosphere or a vision of a new beginning. During the conversion you need to upgrade the condition of the ceiling and think of the possibility of the roof insulation, extending the electric installation, adding up heating and lighting to the rooms. The cost will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. When you decide to convert your attic, you are able to choose from multiple ideas on how to design the extra space.

— Playroom — a dreamy space, where the usual toys can take your kids to a different, magical space. They can discover new worlds with books, play with favorite dolls, have a tea party or just relax. It’ll be a true place of wonders and the most dreamy room in your home.

— Bedroom — it’s a great idea for teenagers or parents. The unconventional view on the city and calm ambiance will be perfect to get some rest and relax before the every-day struggles.

— Bathroom — the idea to convert your loft into a bathroom is quite a blog. It’s not as popular as extra space for living or playing, but it’s just as tempting. You can have a big space with a bath, that you can treat like spa time.

— Office — if you’re trying to find the workspace that you don’t have to clear up for dinner, where you can safely store documents and invite business partners, go for an attic office. It’s certainly a fresh idea of running your own business that won’t clutter your home but help you stay organized.

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