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Know The Dangers In Your Older Home

Owning a house is a fantastic experience. It’s not just a place of security and comfort, it’s somewhere you can adjust to fit your own needs and place your own stamp on your home. But, if you purchase an older home you need to be prepared for the dangers that may be lurking in your home. It’s essential to know what these dangers are to ensure you take the necessary steps to protect you and your family.

Lead Paint


A lot of older houses will have been painted and decorated before lead paint was banned, lead paint wasn’t banned until the late 1970s. Lead paint contains lead which research shows can cause lead poisoning. 

Exposure to lead causes a buildup of it in your body and this can lead to behavioral problems in children and, in high enough quantities, impaired brain function in adults and children. 

Before you panic, it’s important to note that lead paint is only an issue if it’s flaking, crushed, or sanded. This puts it into the atmosphere which allows you and your family to ingest it.

Lead Plumbing


In the past lead wasn’t just in paint, lead was also used to create the pipes that brought water into homes. While lead paint can be left alone as long as it’s not damaged, lead pipes need to be replaced immediately. The water traveling through them will pick up traces of lead and cause health issues

Old Wiring

Old fuse boxes do not have modern breakers that will trip in a microsecond, potentially saving you from an electric shock.

But, getting an electric shock is not the only risk with old wiring. The outer sheath can be damaged increasing the risk of an electrical fire, it can deteriorate through age or rodent damage. If your house has old wiring it’s essential that you speak to your electrician Paddington and get it assessed, there’s a good chance it will all need to be replaced. However, a good electrician can help you to maintain it until you’re ready to replace it.


This mineral fiber came in a variety of forms and was exceptionally popular in the mid 20th century. It is very effective at fireproofing and insulating. 

Unfortunately, the tiny fibers in this substance can lodge in your lungs, causing scarring, inflammation, and often leads to the development of serious diseases, such as mesothelioma or cancer.

Again, it’s okay if it’s not damaged, it’s the fibers getting into the air that are an issue. But, you’ll need professional help to get rid of it properly.

Balloon Framing

Homes older than the 1940s may have been built with balloon framing. It made building a home faster and cheaper because a wooden stud wall was created from the foundation to the attic. However, this means that if you have a fire the fire can virtually instantly spread through the entire house. This isn’t possible in modern houses which are built to keep the fire on one level.

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