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Kissanime is one of the most popular anime-lovers website surfed and watched by millions of viewers from around the world. Over the past years, video streaming has become one of the mainstream entertainment networks on the internet that allows us to watch our favorite TV Shows, movies, soup dramas, etc.
Kissanime is a popular website for watching your favorite Japanese anime and manga series having a simple user interface. It looks like it was developed by someone who had strong heartfelt reactions towards animated Japanese cartoons. On Kissanime website, there is no struggle in understanding the layout, and you can go through different anime categories without any difficulty, as well as the search option helps you to find the rare anime in the front of your screen too.

Here's the list of sites Like Kissanime - Alternatives

9anime – Enlists upcoming popular Anime episodes

  • 85% Positive Reviews

9anime Kissanime
If you are looking for an alternative that kicks off Kissanime into nothingness, then you should check out 9anime. This website has a straightforward format having no issues to familiarize with its user-interface even when you’re a new visitor on their site page. The 9anime has a broad catalog for different anime series, making it easy for users to look up for their preferred anime series. It shelves around an incredible amount of anime/manga collection – a broad category of around 25,000 shows. Every show is then further distributed accordingly; type of genre, for boys or girls, kids or adults, previous/latest episodes, so on and so forth.
On 9anime UI, there is a search bar on the top where you can search for your favorite shows, saving your precious time. The team behind the website regularly keeps checking on the latest shows and keeps it updated 24/7.

Gogoanime – Watch Anime and Read Manga happenings

  • 84% Positive Reviews

gogoanime kissanime alternative
Undoubtedly, the best alternative recommendation you can give to those fed of watching their favorite anime shows on Kissanime and are looking for the best alternative available. Gogoanime has a massive database for your anime-manga addiction. The categories are elaborated with alphabetical connotations, making it easy for the users to select shows from an over-the-board Japanese animation drama collection. The webpage doesn’t require any introduction, and it’s an anime marvel in its self. You should at least give it a try if you’re looking to decline from Kissanime to a whole new realm of some amazing cartoon content.

Kuroani – Best for the Kids

  • 91% Positive Reviews

Best for the Kids Anime - Kuroni
Kuroani is the place to be when you are a group consisting of all age’s bracket. This video streaming website offers you a wide assortment of Japanese anime series for kids, teens, and adults as well. The site page has one of the most straightforward user interfaces and has no measures of display disorientation on its URL domain. The user who visits the website observes a diversity of thumbnails put up on the main page, whereas, the categories are always on the top. Keeping things in a spick-and-span placement, Kuroani offers you easy access to videos without making you get too much irritated due to a messy domain page.
Kuroani works solely as a non-profit organization and upholds its free-of-charge policy for quality anime streaming content. The watches on the webpage don’t even have to pay a single penny to watch classic and other exclusive Japanese content — one of the best places to be if you’re looking for a substitute for Kissanime.

Crunchyroll – The top Legal U.S. based Anime Streaming Website

  • 89% Positive Reviews

Crunchyroll - better than Kissanime
The biggest legal online platform to watch your anime and manga shows. Crunchyroll is a San-Francisco American based website that earns millions of dollars in revenue. Since it regulates legal anime shows for the wide U.S. audience, there’s no way it can go bankrupt as it legalizes the anime-manga shows by going through copyright processes of legitimate E-entertainment business on the internet.
With having Crunchyroll as your daily driver to watch anime series, you can enjoy HD content on the 720p and 1080p pixel resolution without any problems. With this being said, you enjoy a great high-definition video streaming experience right from your homes. In order to enjoy full features of the widely accepted legal anime website, you have to register and make a Crunchyroll account. Now you’ll be subscribed for daily updates and what are the latest happenings in the anime world – news, latest anime series, daily updates for anime dramas, new manga series, etc.
Now with the latest technology trends, especially in the virtual entertainment domain, you can easily have access to your Wii U, Xbox 360, Chromecast, PlayStation Vita, PS 3 and 4, Roku Box, and even on Apple Devices. On Crunchyroll, you can enjoy your favorite shows in a variety of languages like English (US and UK), French, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Portuguese (Brasil and Portugal), and Русский.
By far, the best feature of Crunchyroll is that it is available for both Android and iOS, so you don’t have to worry about when you’re away from your homes and it’s time for the best anime series to watch. Now enjoy on-the-go video streaming with Crunchyroll.

AnimeLab – Popular for watching Latest Anime Shows & Seasons

  • 88% positive reviews

AnimeLab - popular kissanime alternative
Keeping high standards and a tight competition with the likes of Crunchyroll, AnimeLab is something to experience when it comes to watching anime online. Operated by the Australian distribution and rights management company Madman Entertainment Pty. Ltd., AnimeLab has one of the best free anime apps able to run on a smartphone. The website is very fluid and has that smooth engagement factor. Besides having a separate app for smartphones, AnimeLab covers anime and manga series content for your Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung TV, and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Apple Airplay and Foxtel Now box.
The best part of AnimeLab is its independent of Google crawling shrieks, trying to become the most popular on the internet. As a replacement for this orthodox anime video-streaming platforms, it has direct access from Japan through firm-to-firm partnership. Thus, you get to watch your favorite anime shows without getting disrupted by advertisements. In case you want to enjoy a full-on high-end experience, a “Premium access” popup will appear on your screens if you’re looking to upgrade AnimeLab by signing up and getting excellent features working for you. A great Kissanime alternative these days to get the best anime access. 

AnimeFreak – For the Latest ongoing Anime Series

  • 85% Positive Reviews

animefreak - just like Kissanime
Precisely what its name declares about – AnimeFreak is the golden play button for watching your classic Japanese anime shows even when they’re decades old. It is a top-rated anime site in Europe and across the American continent; both North and South. There is no need for you to register on the webpage domain to enjoy free and huge content, having a massive anime collection access, you are about to enjoy your late night out binge-watching shows with friends and family. AnimeFreak is a fantastic platform to be at where the user-friendly interface allows you easy usability. In case you’ve missed out any of the episodes or series, Anime Freak makes sure you’re getting exclusive video streaming privileges. One of the best alternatives to Kissanime available on the internet.

Anime Frenzy – For Dark Mode theme lovers

  • 82% Positive Reviews

Anime Frenzy - Kissanime Mirror Site
Here’s another anime video streaming website having striking similarities with Kissanime. Anime Frenzy might look like an easy-to-access webpage to search for your favorite Japanese animation shows. But it’s a bit of an oddball over the internet. Anime Frenzy also offers you exclusive American cartoon series catalog, letting you enjoy an incredible anime culture change, leaving you with a more wide-range of entertainment.
Anime Frenzy has an elegant UI, and it also uses a specialized button ‘Random’ which provides the best fan-based submissions category for watching anime shows. It includes a vast content collection for users looking to search for old-school Japanese manga and other epic and adventurous cartoon content. One of the most amazing features of Anime Frenzy is that it provides a chatroom on one of its webpage side where users can have a discussion as well while watching their favorite shows, which enables a good conversation among diehard anime fans. Making good use of it, users char with each other about episodes they’ve missed out and get to know what happened without needing to watch previous ‘shows they’ve missed due to their hectic all-day-long schedule.

Few Best Kissanime Features you should know:

  • Kissanime allows you to watch your favorite anime series in dubbed language formats. It also allows users to view their shows, including English subtitles as well.
  • Kissanime allows users to watch anime videos on high-definition 720p and 1080p formats. It feels as if you’re buying that “Big B” brand made by AllSaints, Belstaff, Saint Laurent, or Dunhill.
  • Kissanime includes a broad category of anime content ranging from fight, comedy, horror, romance, adventure, supernatural powers, etc.
  • Kissanime is one of the most updated anime content providers across the globe.

Kissanime streaming runs smoothly over the internet and includes the .ru extension for it, which is most famous for a lag-free video watching performance. This video-viral streaming service not only offers a variety of kids’ shows but also includes shows for teens and adults too. What makes anime series different from TV Shows is that it provides you a better storyline as compared to television drama series. Anime has more conclusive characters and incredibly close-to-reality morale.
There are a lot of anime heroes who are even men’s leather jacket is famous, all these anime characters have the real value in the real world application.
Kissanime is one of the busiest web portals for watching anime shows on the go since it works well on Androids and iOS. Henceforth, the anime audience is substantially increasing worldwide since everyone can now easily stream favorite anime and other Japanese manga series. Somehow, Android works far better than iOS for playing Kissanime videos on a smartphone.

Kissanime Features for Android OS phones:

  • Android phones can play video streaming on a 360p to a 1080p format. It also works well for low-end devices having Android 4.2 and up versions.
  • Kissanime website has a neat design for better interaction in small screen devices. The smartphone runs a user-friendly UI of the site, making it easy for you to search your favorite and latest shows.
  • Kissanime offers a pretty loud and clear sound experience to the watchers, making sure you’re enjoying your anime series even when your family kids are running around.
  • Kissanime features a distinctive integrated video player that doesn’t require flash to run the videos. Hence, making video-streaming easy for mobile phones without any need to install any third party app driver.
  • Kissanime has a unique ‘Dark Mode’ feature, which enables a gloomy user-interface and offers you an anti-glare eye comfort aspect. Thus, letting you watch hours of anime without causing any red-eye flushes or irksome irritations.
  • Kissanime has its comment section where you can comment without needing to install any third party app.
  • Kissanime is always on the roll and isn’t bound to any internet shortfalls and server down issues. It’s due to having multiple servers’ online working in its background.


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