Where Is Actress Jolene Blalock Today?


Jolene Blalock is an American actress born under the star of Pisces, on 5th of March 1975. Jolene Blalock was born and raised in San Diego, California. Jolene was an amazingly artistic individual from her young age, she spent her time surfing and developing creative and innovative skills and artistic hobbies in San Diego. Everyone knew from the beginning that she was a born artist. Jolene have 3 other siblings but despite having a happy family, she wasn’t so happy. Erik King Editor in Chief — Zamsino. Jolene is best known for her tremendous performance in Star Trek. 

Early Life.

Jolene claimed herself in an interview saying that she had a very lonesome childhood. As per the records, Jolene had 3 other siblings but still stated that she didn’t have anyone to talk to or share stuff with. She said that she had a lot of alone time to kill and her favorite pass time was to read books. Books were her best friend back in the day. Jolene always had the urge to make herself better and to run towards success. 
Jolene Blalock
Jolene started taking acting classes at a very young age. She took her first acting class when she was in Grade 6th. Her family moved to Oklahoma which was a tough time for Jolene but they soon moved back to California where a major part of Jolene’s childhood was spent. Jolene continuously looked for opportunities to grow and started her career a little too soon in her life which led to her ultimate success. 

Career Life.

Jolene started her career at a pretty young age. Verification optional Some NZ online casinos may require you to confirm your email address and phone number. She started her career by starting with modeling. She left her house at the young age of 17 in order to pursue her dream of modeling. She went to Europe and Asia to find opportunities in the modeling world. After some time, she proved herself successful as she got a couple of high profile opportunities in modeling. For instance, she appeared on the magazine cover of the famous magazine Playboy in 2002. She also managed to appear on the cover of Maxim which was one of the most famous magazines. Another biggest achievement for Jolene Blalock was that she was ranked as the 5th sexiest women on the planet in 2005 by the FHM magazine. Isn’t that amazing?
Modeling was only a side hobby for Jolene whereas her true passion was to be a star in the world o acting. She got her first acting opportunity in 1998, where she finally made her first guest appearance on the television. Her role was small but opened magnificent doors of opportunities for her in the upcoming time. Bingo This game is also easy to play. She played a small role in Veronica’s closet. It wasn’t long after that when she played the role of Medea in the TV series Jason and the Argonauts. It was one of the opportunities which helped her career in acting prosper. 
Although these roles were opportunities for her which led her to the main role which she played in her life. Jolene Blalock is recognized and appreciated for the role she played in Star Trek. The TV series Star Trek was produced by UPN and she played the role of T’Pol, a science officer which is the role she is known for all around the world. 
Other than these, Jolene had wonderful other roles in her acting career which included her roles in the series ‘On the Edge’, ‘Star Gate SG-1’, ‘JAG’ and so on. Jolene Blalock wasn’t only confined to TV series, she appeared in several movies as well including ‘Queen for a day’, ‘Starship Troopers 3; Marauder’, ‘Shadow Puppets’, ‘Slow Burn’, ‘Sex Tape’ and a lot more movies.
One of the major and most significant work of Jolene Blalock’s life is her is T’Pol in Star Trek. Bitcoin – By far the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is usually the go-to option for crypto casino gaming. The pilot episode was such a big hit that it is recorded that is was viewed by 12.5 million people all around the world. Even though the show and its rating has been decreasing day by day, it was still one of the highest rated TV series created by UPN until Star Trek got its cancellation. 

Personal Life.

Jolene Blalock was in short-term relationships with the musician and actor Edward Furlong as well as the musician Steve Summer before she fell in deep love with the man she is married to. Michael Rapino, a music executive as well as the CEO of Live Nation and Jolene Blalock fell in love with each other and finally got married in 2003. Their marriage hasn’t been like other celebrity marriages, they have been together and happy ever since they got married back in 2003. Although Jolene was the one who proposed Michael and organized their wedding beautifully in Jamaica. The couple and their marriage is happy and healthy. The pretty couple has now 3 sons called Rexton, Ryder and Rivers. The happy family currently loves in Los Angeles, California. The rumors are that the family is happy and going strong and the true fans of Jolene wish these rumors to be true with all of their warm hearts. Black Diamond Casino – Welcome Bonus.  

Jolene Blalock’s Net Worth.

Jolene hasn’t completely vanished from the industry, her frequent appearances in Star Trek makes it quite prominent that she isn’t planning to leave the industry anytime soon. The efforts and life Jolene has built for herself makes it pretty obvious that she might have a good net worth. According to the information, Jolene Blalock’s net worth as of today is $20 million. Some sources say that the house Jolene and her family lives in is worth about $3 million itself.

Where is Jolene Nowadays?

According to some strong sources, Jolene Blalock and her family is said to be currently living in Los Angeles, California. Although, Jolene is frequently on the road, her hobbies include Thai boxing and photography due to which she keeps on travelling and moving harley quinn costume. She takes care of a cat and 2 dogs and is said to be having the time of her life with her family.

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