Iphone Xs Pasta Wallpaper

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Iphone Xs Pasta Wallpaper

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Nancy Barbara
·Mar 13, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Reactions of Amazement
  • Confusion and Criticism
  • Defense of the Pasta Wallpaper
  • Conclusion


The latest Iphone Xs comes with stunning new wallpapers, including a high-resolution photo of penne pasta noodles. This unique wallpaper is generating a lot of buzz online, with some praising its creativity while others questioning why anyone would want a wallpaper of pasta. I decided to explore reactions to this unusual wallpaper choice by Apple.

Reactions of Amazement

Many people are amazed that Apple chose such an unconventional image for their phone wallpaper. They see it as an interesting design choice that shows Apple doesn't always follow the crowd. The pasta wallpaper has already inspired many memes and jokes, bringing some fun and laughter to the tech world. The absurdity of the image is refreshing to those tired of the same slick, minimalist wallpapers.

Confusion and Criticism

Others are confused or critical about the pasta wallpaper. They argue it looks unprofessional and out of place for a premium device. Some say it is a bizarre choice that makes the phone seem silly rather than stylish. A few believe it is a sign Apple is running out of ideas. Not everyone wants such a strange image as the backdrop to their phone.

Defense of the Pasta Wallpaper

However, some defend Apple's unusual wallpaper selection. They say that art is subjective, and the pasta image is meant to be quirky and whimsical. The wallpaper shows that Apple doesn't take itself too seriously. Having an ironic wallpaper option provides more customization so people can choose an image that matches their personality. If you don't like the pasta, you can choose a different wallpaper.


Apple's penne pasta wallpaper for the Iphone Xs is polarizing, with an equal mix of delight and disgust. Whether you love or hate the pasta wallpaper, it has undoubtedly sparked conversation and shows Apple is willing to have some fun with their design choices. The strong reactions, both positive and negative, prove once again that Apple knows how to get people talking.

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