Internet Speed For Streaming – What You Need To Know

The traditional cable is still going strong. The coaxial cable TV and internet form are still covering a major spectrum of the U.S. and wired connectivity soars higher than wireless and satellite connections. 
But despite the type of connection you own, fiber, cable, satellite or even the rusted DSL, the wrath of a buffering loop of hell can strike anytime. And the only remedy is a fast internet connection that you’d need for streaming. But for that, compare broadband prices to choose a proper connection. 
But before you choose to spend on an internet connection, how much speeds do you actually need? Not every streaming platform consumes equal internet bandwidth. While YouTube might not need a lot of internet speed power, Netflix might. For that, to help you know the ideal internet speed for streaming, we have jotted down this article. 

Internet Speeds for Streaming

Now on to the real predicament and its solution. Maybe you need to binge-watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix exclusive series or maybe you have set a movie marathon of the Lord of the Rings with your pals. But buffering just won’t let you watch your favorite shows and movies at ease. 
The current streaming platforms that are prevailing from home to home worldwide consist of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
But as Netflix has a wider global clientele, let’s look at the speeds required for Netflix streaming. 


internet speed for streaming

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Netflix has a worldwide audience of 158 million users. Surely, with such a massive global audience, anyone would be enticed to jump on the Netflix bandwagon. Why? The platform confers affordability, quality content and even some Netflix exclusive global favorites. So it’s a great option for those who want the content of all sorts but on a budget. 
The recommended speeds for an SD streaming quality start from 3 Mbps and as for HD streaming, a mere 5 Mbps would suffice as well. Getting these internet speeds from any provider at a cheap price won’t be a true hassle. But if resolution quality further escalates to 4K resolution, mere 5-10 Mbps speeds aren’t enough for Netflix. For that, you require at least a minimum of 25 Mbps or more to stream. 

Internet Providers for Streaming  

Let’s now get a thorough look at each available internet service provider and whether the speeds they offer fit well for your internet speed for streaming standards or not. 


Xfinity offers cable internet plans to its subscribers but the cable internet speeds confer up to gig level speeds. To the point that there are even up to 2 gig speeds in select areas of the U.S. 
However, you getting gig speeds just for streaming purposes, sounds a bit unrealistic and heavy on your wallet. But that’s not all. Xfinity has cable internet plans with speeds that escalate up to 60 Mbps, ideal for families that binge-watch together on varied occasions. The speed even suffices for a 4K resolution and there won’t be a single jitter in buffering. 


Spectrum is one cable broadband provider that confers Spectrum TV streaming services, in turn, allowing families to enjoy streaming, multiplayer gaming and the cherry on top is that they can even enjoy streaming their favorite games on Twitch. Spectrum and it’s up to 100 Mbps plans are available on a nationwide scale. The icing on the cake is that the provider is also recommended for music streaming. You get to choose one internet plan and hit multiple birds with one stone. 


internet speed for streaming
AT&T is one hegemon that powers the entirety of the U.S. with both fiber and DSL internet. But AT&T’s crux of the biscuit is fiber broadband. With fiber and gig level speeds, a heavy file will take only a few minutes to finish downloading. Unlike the times when you had to wait into oblivion for a 1 GB game to finish downloading, now it will only take a few minutes. 
Not only gaming but if you get a connection nearing 100-300 Mbps speeds, your entire family can stream endlessly or if you have one or two hardcore gamers in your family then they should rejoice as their gaming sessions won’t go in vain because of a faint ping. 

To Conclude

The tug of war between internet service providers to be the best among all continues to exist. The right internet service plan and speed can make or break your streaming, gaming and even downloading experiences. So be vary of the speeds you can get, know the value of the pricing plans of each and then choose one. 

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