Is an Interim Career Really Worth It?

Have you ever thought about switching to an interim role? This is something that many people will dismiss as it seems counterintuitive and risky to switch to a short-term role, but you might find that it revitalises your career and can bring a whole host of advantages.


An interim role can be beneficial because it allows you to gain valuable experience, work for multiple companies in different industries, increase your professional reputation and help businesses to thrive during challenging periods which can be highly rewarding.

In addition to the career benefits of an interim role, many people find that it can help them to have a good work-life balance where they work full-time for a short period and then having time off – this is furthered when you consider that in an interim role, you will usually earn around 20% more than you would if the position were full-time which cab makes periods where you are not working easier to manage.

How to Succeed

How to Succeed

It is clear that taking a short-term position while a business finds a full-time replacement can bring many benefits, but how can you work as an interim manager successfully? This is a challenging way of working and not for everyone as you will need to have excellent communication skills, be highly flexible and be adept at settling into new environments as you will be expected to hit the ground running. 

The key to success in any interim manager role is understanding what is expected of you, creating strong relationships quickly, adapting to the workplace environment and culture and adopting a proactive and positive attitude. 

Avoiding Pitfalls

Taking on interim roles can be exciting and rewarding but it is also challenging. In order to find roles, it is important that you work on your personal and professional development and find online agencies that specialise in interim roles. It is also important that you are able to create strong connections while still managing to not get overly attached to a position and business as it is important to remember that these are not permanent positions (although sometimes excelling in an interim role can lead to full-time positions). 

professional development

Interim roles can work well for some people and it can be an exciting way to develop your career, face new challenges and meet new people while also getting a good work-life balance. It is not for everyone, though, and you will need to know how to manage in these roles to succeed.

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