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Instagram Trending Interior Styles For Your Home

Inspiration is right at your fingertips with social media becoming a large platform for sharing interior styles. The power of a ‘hashtag’ makes finding what you are looking for an easy job. We are going to dive in and talk about the latest Instagram trending interior styles.
Nostalgic 70’s rattan furniture is making a big return to our phone screens. People are sharing their effortlessly chic looking homes that have a bohemian aesthetic. In forms of storage solutions, headboards and dining furniture, rattan furniture has made a huge impact in the new decades home decorating styles.
Instagram has become the hub for home renovation activity, with pages dedicated to the progress that renovators are making. There are tons of accounts out there to provide good ideas, tips, tricks and hacks to make a renovation feel easy.
instagram trending interior styles

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Taking inspiration from mid-century design, a lot of people have reverted their interior styles to have key elements such as the Eames Lounge Chair from this era. Whether this is a classic design, retro colours or architectural elements.
This trend has undoubtedly been influenced by the rise of period property renovations. Bay windows have been trending on Instagram, They have an interesting architectural element and help to inject light into your space. The beautiful feature is well-known to be difficult to style – so there is no surprise people are searching for some inspiration. 
Recent circumstances have meant that we are spending more time at home, causing people to be bringing the bars and pubs to their own homes with stylish bar carts. Perfect for all your home entertainment needs, they are practical and contemporary. They seem to be the must-have accessory for homes in 2020. 
Dulux Colour of the year 2020, Tranquil Dawn, has seen a resurgence in this comforting and reassuring shade. This versatile shade inspired by nature easily creates rooms that feel inviting and welcoming.
Another popular interior colour that seems to be on the rise is the colour blue. With the design elite, Pantone, deciding on their colour of the year to be Classic Blue, this makes it the shade of choice. Blue has been described to be calm, confident and connecting, its popularity has soared in 2020, with house-proud Instagram influencers proudly sharing their blue interiors. 
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An interior staple that still seems to be on the rise is velvet sofas. Adding glamour to any living room, velvet seems to be the material of choice for 2020. To add even more of a wow factor, popular colour choices have been burnt orange and emerald green, making an accent piece for your room.
Chrome has been replaced by accents of gold and brass with a wave of home interiors embracing them. A kitchen trend predicted to be even bigger and stronger throughout 2021. Particularly prominent across both kitchens and bathrooms, you will find gold taps, light fittings, door handles and accessories all over Instagram. Providing a more glamorous and luxurious finish to your decor choices.
Will any other trends come from the up and coming social platforms? 
If so how will these viral trends impact the interior design world?

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