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Industrial Doors for Emergency Services Facilities

Industrial doors are a vital part of building design for most sectors, with many performing specialist functions – such as insulated doors and high-speed doors. When it comes to the emergency services and the facilities used by the police, ambulances, and firefighters, the right industrial doors are crucial for them to be able to carry out their jobs and maintain a fast response time to emergencies.

Read on to find out which types of industrial doors are the most appropriate for emergency services facilities, and how emergency services doors can improve efficiency, deployment time, and running costs.  

High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors, as the name implies, are capable of much quicker operating speeds than other industrial door types. This makes them ideally suited to environments where time is of the essence and openings need to be accessed quickly, and remotely. Just one example of where they can be used in an emergency services facility is the garage, allowing vehicles to be deployed remotely and at a quick pace.

High-speed doors are a type of industrial door usually manufactured from steel sections, with some manufacturers also adding in PU foaming and thermal breaks to increase the insulating properties of the door. In addition to this and the fast operating speed they possess, high-speed doors are also a popular choice for use in emergency services facilities because of their sturdy construction. Due to how they are fabricated they have a long service life, even with frequent use, which reduces their lifetime cost.

Because of their fast operation, high-speed doors are ideally suited for installation in emergency services facilities as they save critical time in the deployment of vehicles to time-sensitive call-outs.    

Supporting the fast deployment of personnel and vehicles, high-speed doors are one way of maximizing functionality and efficiency in emergency service buildings. These industrial doors are capable of operating at quicker speeds than other industrial door types and often come with automated controls, making them vital for fire stations and emergency medical response facilities, supporting their fast response time.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters and roller grilles are both constructed from multiple panels to form a solid physical barrier when shut. Due to the nature of their fabrication, roller shutter doors are not only an affordable form of physical security, but they also take up very little space when the door is open. Like most industrial door types, roller shutter doors can be operated manually or automated for ease of use and added operational safety.  

It’s easy to see why roller shutters are such a useful addition to all types of emergency services facilities, considering their budget-friendly nature and efficiency as physical security.

Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial sectional doors have multiple benefits, making them the emergency services door of choice whether you are looking for added security, are looking to improve your property insulation, or require a door that will offer a large opening space.

This type of industrial door has a construction similar to that of roller shutters, being made up from multiple panels to facilitate a vertical actuation which takes up minimal space. This makes sectional doors the perfect space-saving option for industrial environments. Since they are most commonly made from aluminum and steel, sectional doors are not only lightweight but will withstand heavy use with the frequent daily operation they will experience in emergency services facilities.  

Due to their thermal qualities, sectional doors are often used in spaces where a large access area is required, such as fire stations and ambulance stations. Like some other industrial door types, sectional doors can be insulated to minimize heat loss when the door is closed, lowering energy bills and overhead costs for the premises in the process.

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