Ideas to Style an Empty Corner

Having an empty corner quickly turns a beautiful room to look a little awkward. These spaces tend to be too small to place an accent chair, and in some instances, it might too big to have a side table. But there are some ideas you can explore to style up those awkward empty corners and improve your virtual home inspection when selling your home.

  • Some Beautiful House Plants

House plants have been known to improve your house’s air quality, improve your mood levels, and a super-easy way to fill up that awkward space. It is also a creative way to incorporate nature into your home décor. Consider getting the low maintenance plants; peace lily, fiddle leaf fig, kentia palm, this are large indoor plants that won’t require a lot of maintenance from you.

  • Have a Gallery Wall

If you are a little artsy, how about having your favourite artwork creatively hanged in this awkward space. Your art pieces will immediately amplify this space and might also make this area look larger than it is. The gallery wall should have pieces that immediately complement your theme colours. Consider having some bold prints mixed with subtle pieces in different sizes for that elegant look.

  • How About a Corner Shelf?

If you are not into art but have lots of reading books, then this is somewhere you can cleverly display and neatly store them. It is a great backdrop to have a built-in bookcase, and maybe a small comfortable chair, you immediately transform this to your reading space.

  • A bar Station

If you entertain a lot, then a bar cart with all your favourite drinks at the corner is another idea. These carts are convenient when you have guests over and at the same time, adding some style to your current décor. To enjoy the benefits of the cart at the corner of the room, try to go for a vintage piece, it immediately complements your current living area.

  • Some Floor Lamps for Extra Light

Besides having house plants at the corner, a floor lamp is another simple way of styling the awkward space. The perfect floor lamp will add the needed light when entertaining and complement the aesthetics of your room.

  • A Decorative Shelf at the Corner

Placing a half shelf in these awkward corner spaces is another creative idea to utilize the space. With the shelf, you can display all your stylish accents and mementos. The dull space gets transformed into a homey spot filed with beautiful memories, and probably a conversation starter when guests come over.

  • Add Some Texture and Cosiness.

During those cold months, we like cuddling on throw blankets and throw pillows as we catch up on our favourite shows. How about using up this awkward space with a basket filled with pillows and throw blankets. It helps keep them close at hand, try to get a slim basket that will not take up to much space.

  • Quiet Time at the Corner Space

That awkward corner space in your room can be a great space for quiet time, maybe a special corner for your meditation, or a place with a lounge chair for you to relax in as you sip on your tea with a good book before bed. This extra seating at the corner is a cool design statement for the room.

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