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5 HVAC Emergencies: When you Should be Calling a Heating and Ventilation Specialist

HVAC is an abbreviation of Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It’s an essential part of every building, allowing the transference of hot or cold air around the building in an efficient and preferably discreet manner.

The HVAC system is generally important throughout the year as it cools the house in summer and warms it in winter. Of course, if something goes wrong you need to contact your local industrial air conditioning company and get the issue sorted. 

The problem is that emergency call-outs cost money, you need to know whether your HVAC issue is an emergency or not. Here are five times it should be considered an emergency:

1.Leaking Refrigerant

Your air conditioning system is full of refrigerant, this absorbs the heat from the air, creating cool air that can be pumped into your home. If the system develops a refrigerant leak then its ability to create cool air will diminish. If the refrigerant is completely gone it will only move existing air around. 

Of course, the unit is also likely to overheat and the compressor can burn out, creating an expensive repair bill. 

You’ll want to get the professionals out fast to sort the issue out.


Clogs in the drain lines will stop water from leaving your HVAC unit. Hot air is capable of carrying more moisture than cool air. This means that the conversion process of hot air to cool air creates water. This has to be eliminated from the unit or the water will cause electrical issues and stop your machine from working. Water is removed from the hot air and pushed out of drain pipes to eliminate it.

A clog will prevent the water from escaping and cause you issues. It’s not just the cooling ability that will stop, the unit may simply stop working with un-repairable damage.

3.Lack of Cool Air

HVAC Emergencies - Heat ventilation

If your HVAC unit is on but the temperature in the room isn’t decreasing you’ll want to check the temperature of the air leaving the unit. If you find there is limited or no air leaving the unit you’ll need to shut the system off immediately. This will prevent further damage from occurring. 

The lack of air is usually a result of broken, damaged, or blocked ducts. You’ll need to identify which of these issues it is and resolve it before you can turn your HVAC unit back on.

4.Lack of Power

If you have no power to your unit then you have an electrical issue that will need resolving quickly. When dealing with electrical issues it’s usually best to get a professional involved. Electricity can be very dangerous. 

There are many causes of an electrical issue, such as a tripped circuit, a short in the circuit, a blown fuse, or a problem with the chipboard in the unit. You’ll need to adopt a trial and error approach to locate the issue and then fix it if you can. As mentioned, it’s usually better to call emergency aid for this type of task.

5.Gas leak

Your HVAC unit may contain gas, especially if it runs on gas. A gas leak is very dangerous as it increases the risk of suffocation and fire. You’ll need to shut the gas off and get the professionals in as fast as possible to resolve the issue.


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