The Impact of Human Trafficking Intelligence

At present, there are roughly 20 to 40 million around the globe who are going through the horrors of modern slavery. They are forced into the situation due to conflict and extreme poverty. Many years ago, tracing the culprits seemed to be an impossible task. But the advent of human trafficking intelligence has dramatically impacted the swift assessment and detection of cases. 

Human Trafficking is a grievous plight that affects every nation in all corners of the world. The United Nations reported that countries might be a point of origin, destination, transit, or in many cases, a combination of all three. Trafficking entails transporting a person into exploitative circumstances, which include forced marriage, forced labor, prostitution, and even organ removal.

human trafficking

There are specific areas of human trafficking intelligence that are used in gathering and interpreting data. These pieces of information are put together to formulate a solid plan to stop trafficking on its tracks.

Tactical Intelligence

This type of intelligence focuses on the specific, day-to-day activities of criminals. Tactical analysts determine the methods used for recruitment — whether they fall under abduction, coercion, or deception. The modes of travel and transportation used will also be identified. 

Tactical intelligence goes deeper into the mode of advertising that traffickers use to lure their victims. In today’s digital age, it is easy to communicate and deceive through social media platforms and websites. By being one step ahead of the perpetrators, there will be fewer incidences of communication with the possible victims.

 This information will form a foundation for a more thorough investigation that will lead to action. It zeroes in on specific situations to prevent and disrupt trafficking efforts. The data can also be used in creating awareness programs and training initiatives for organizations. 

Artificial Intelligence

using AI for human trafficking

Human trafficking is a $150 billion underground and barbaric venture that claims the lives of many innocent people, 30% being children. For many years, experts around the world pooled their resources to put a stop to these horrendous activities. But it seems that the number of human trafficking activities is growing every day. That was until human trafficking intelligence came into the scene.

There are tons of data about traffickers and their actions that circulate on a global scale.  It would be extremely challenging to identify patterns, trends, and habits, especially when time is of the essence.

AI has a significant impact on analyzing the financial activity of traffickers. Since they are all driven by enormous amounts of money, there will always be transactions that can be linked to human trafficking activities.  AI goes beyond simple monitoring and flagging of suspicious financial activities; it can also determine the economic, political, and social patterns of criminals and their targets. 

These patterns can be beneficial in disrupting the cycle of human trafficking before it reaches the victims. Some applications involve the community in fighting this invisible monster that is destroying the lives of so many people. Citizens can now report anonymously and efficiently any suspicious activities in their area.

Strategic Intelligence

The government plays a significant role in the quest to stop human trafficking. Strategic intelligence enables the local and national levels to assess the nature and scale of trafficking in their respective areas. The resulting data will be used to create or change legislation and forge international tie-ups and coordination. This information is essential in providing awareness to the public, which can empower them to do their share in alleviating the perils of human trafficking. 

Human Trafficking is a global concern that needs everyone’s efforts and cooperation. With intelligence taking place through the initiatives of organizations and world leaders, there is hope for freedom and peace for everyone. 

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