How to Use Quarantine for Your Benefit: The Ultimate Guide for Students

We are now living in a quite stressful time, and the pandemic only adds up to it. The colleges and schools in many countries are locked down, and students are on quarantine. Although it is hard to tell how and when the situation will resolve, it is necessary to try and make the best of this time.

Many students are now on online education, and they have some extra time as everything is closed. Studying at home might be challenging however, the online resources that can help with that are still available, for example, essaypro. We all have classes that we don’t like. Quarantine might be an opportunity to explore them better. But before that happens, you can still delegate to professionals.

Here are some tips on how to turn this stressful time to one’s benefit.

Devote More Time to Education

As there is more free time, students can have more learning opportunities. Self-education is on the rise, with lots of courses and libraries accessible. The quarantine will be over ,and it is better to come out of it with new skills and knowledge. That’s why the best thing students can do is to concentrate on education.

Many digital learning resources offer special deals and even free content for students, for instance:

  • Coursera offers free access to online courses to universities. This way, the institution can find courses that are applicable to specific programs and give access to their students. Tutors can enter via the portal and choose the courses.
  • Skillshare opens its courses for high-schoolers and college students for two months. All you need is to have a .edu or .k12 email address to enter and get access to the courses you are interested in. There is almost everything one can desire to learn, so it is better to use this opportunity.
  • The Science of Well-Being is one of the most popular Yale courses. It is about increasing the quality of life, happiness, and building productive and healthy habits. And it is now free and can be accessed through Coursera. It is a great course that is especially useful in such a stressful period.
  • Adobe also provides free educational opportunities for students and teachers during the quarantine. One can learn Photoshop, Lightroom, or Adobe Premiere now.
  • edX courses by Harvard are also a fascinating course of knowledge. One can find anything there, from computer science and physics to cooking. They are mostly self-paced, so one can learn according to their liking.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Quarantine doesn’t have to be all about studying. It is an opportunity to try something new, like a new hobby. There are some online options; for instance, Fender Play offers three months free for online guitar learning.

One can also try painting, drawing, or sketching. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. The best part is that this hobby doesn’t require a lot of materials or specific tools. Choose something you’ve always wanted to try but had no time for it.


Party a Little

Wait a minute before you say that it is prohibited to have parties now. Yes, one cannot invite a whole crowd over, but there are lots of students’ parties on Zoom now. They are fun and entertaining and help to stay connected with friends or meet new people.

Quarantine is about social distancing, not social isolation. And thanks to the Internet, it is still possible to have fun with friends. In a new way, but it can be a part of the fun. You can also throw your own party at Zoom with classmates.


It is much harder to stay physically active while being locked at home. Yet, it is extremely important for both physical and mental health. There is a direct link between exercising and well-being. It boosts the immune system and releases endorphins; it also reduces stress and calms you down.

That’s why it is vital to stay physically active while at quarantine. Luckily there are lots of opportunities, such as:

  • Fitness apps. There are free versions and courses available at the majority of them;
  • Planet Fitness now streams their classes on Facebook for free;
  • YouTube tutorials and classes. There are thousands of channels for any liking and any level of experience;
  • Check local providers that might also offer online free courses.

You can also dance to favorite music, which is great cardio.

In Summary

Quarantine is a stressful and chaotic time, and it is hard to predict all consequences it will have in the aftermath. However, even such a period can be used for one’s benefit. Although it might be boring to stay at home, it is necessary for everyone’s safety. And students can use all the advantages provided for them now.

There are thousands of courses and educational opportunities offered for free. There are all kinds of streams and digital content, whether they are entertaining or educational. One can try something new, throw a digital party, or learn a skill. And do not forget to exercise regularly.

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