How To Style Bodysuits

Bodysuits first emerged in the world of dance and ballet as the infamous leotard — stretchy and figure-hugging. They provided enough support for the most dynamic movements. In the 1940s, designers took inspiration in dance elements, which brought the modern bodysuit to life. The 21st-century emergence of the athleisure trend further emphasized the relevance of bodysuits in the contemporary wardrobe, so much so to the point that you can now buy bodysuits online from your favourite store.
From high fashion ateliers to the consignment shops that line Sydney’s streets, you will be hard-strapped not to find a bodysuit in all forms, shapes, cuts, and sizes. Their visual appeal is evident in the smooth lines and figure-hugging silhouette: a far cry from the messy look of tucked-in T-shirts. As for styling, you have an endless number of options. Here are some classic combos to spice up your 2020 look. 

Suit Sets 


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2019 was an exciting year, as it blazed a trail for an elevated professional wardrobe. Among the millennial (and gen Z) favourites were unstructured suits, which consisted of matching blazers and trousers. It is a comfortable take on the structured office suits that have completely gone out of fashion — save for stuffy traditional corporate environments. Sets were so popular that you can still rock them with confidence this year.
Wear a bodysuit inside a matching suit set to project a hint of figure-hugging appeal despite the oversized fit of your blazer. Put on your favourite jewellery stacks, tie your hair into a low bun, and apply a generous coat of red lipstick for the full girl boss vibe. The look is entirely appropriate for creative and smart casual workplaces — or on weekends where you want to feel powerful.

Baggy Bottoms 

Bodysuits hug your body and accentuate your most flattering assets. Naturally, you want to pair them with bottoms that tie the look together without overdoing the curves. An open secret within the fashion industry is to match tight tops with baggy bottoms and tight bottoms with loose tops. So bring out your sweatpants, cargos pants, or wide-legged denim on days when you feel like strutting about in a bodysuit. They will bring your look together with the most minimum effort. 
Additionally, you can rekindle some 2018 vibes by picking up a pair of track pants to wear with your favourite spaghetti-strap bodysuit for a full-on athleisure look. If you select a pair of pants with belt hoops, accessorize with a long belt or chains. But if you are a skirts kind of girl, style a bodysuit with your favourite midi dress and gold jewellery for a sophisticated, Parisian look.

Layered Tops 

Layering a T-shirt over a turtleneck was popularized by the skater style and has brought about a wave of layering two tops for the sole purpose of aesthetics. Bodysuits are ideal for any two-top combo because their tight-fitting nature will not make you bulk up in all the wanted places. That way, you can keep your figure while experimenting with layers upon layers of clothing. 
There are plenty of ways by which you can approach this trend. A long-sleeved, turtleneck bodysuit will look lovely under a lacey, silk cami, or an oversized dress shirt. Meanwhile, you can finally style your favourite mesh tops under or over a spaghetti-strap bodysuit. The soft mesh mock necks that popped up in the last quarter of 2019 continue to evolve this year and are beautiful when worn under a bodysuit.
Bodysuits are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing that are as comfortable and flexible as leotards. You can find them in hundreds of different styles and you can even buy bodysuits online. Stock up on the ones you love, and your closet will surely be ready for any dressy or casual occasion that comes your way.

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