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How To Refresh Tired Wooden Flooring

Are your wooden floors starting to appear tired and dull? The great thing about solid and engineered wood flooring is that they can easily be refreshed. There are several ways you can give the floors a new, shiny appearance.

Below, you’ll discover some of the best methods for improving tired-looking flooring no matter what your budget.

Give the floors a good clean
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One of the first things you should try is to give the floor a thorough clean. This means, investing in specialist hardwood floor cleaners, alongside a microfibre mop. You won’t be able to get your wooden floors overly wet, so a microfibre mop and a little cleaning marble floor solution should be all you really use. 

You can also create your own effective cleaning solution using soap and water, or baking soda. However, it’s worth checking with the manufacturer to see whether they recommend using water only. If they do and you use a cleaning solution, it can void the warranty.

Apply a new finish

If a simple clean isn’t cutting it, you can try giving the floor a new finish. All wooden floors come with some type of finish, typically oiled or lacquered. Over time, this protective layer can start to wear down and appear duller.

Applying a coat or two of oil or lacquer, will top up the finish and give it that brand-new look. It isn’t overly expensive to do either, but it could make a huge difference to its visual appeal.

Sand and finish them
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Finally, if cleaning the floor and topping up its finish isn’t enough, you may need to sand it down. Some wooden floors can be sanded a couple of times, while others can be sanded up to five times during their lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you familiarise yourself with your floor’s sanding guidelines. 

You can pick up professional style sanders from SGS at an affordable cost. It’s worth using a professional tool in order to achieve the best finish. This is quite a tough process, but the effort will definitely be worthwhile. If you aren’t confident you can do a great job yourself, don’t be afraid to bring in the professionals. 

A great thing about sanding and refinishing the floor is that you get to choose the finish. This means you can potentially alter the look of the floor by switching up the type and color of finish you use. 

If you follow the steps above, you’re guaranteed to transform your tired looking floors. It’s always best to start with a good clean to see if that’s enough to eliminate the dull appearance. Remember, you’ll also want to clean your wooden floors at least weekly to keep them looking brand new. 

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