How To Play Darts Basketball

Playing darts continues to reign the hearts of people who end up spending most of their time behind the office doors. In fact, many offices actually have dartboards attached to its doors which stays hidden from the public’s as well as the inspectors’ eyes. Darts also remain in the spotlight whenever impromptu parties are set up in offices and even in house parties. So, without citing any reason it is safe to say that the game of darts has the ability to add spice to the fun element and the advantage is that it is very easy to set up and organizing a game can be done in a jiffy.

There are different types of dartboards available to play games like basketball, cricket, golf, etc. depending on your taste to have a fun filled time. While basketball is played between two teams, games like golf can be played against just one opponent. Therefore, it is clear without mentioning that the nature of the game decides how the game of darts is played. Since the instructions to play the game are simple enough, even if a person hasn’t played the game itself or the darts version before, he/she will be able to get along well. This is yet another reason for its popularity as a party or group game.

How To Play Darts Basketball

Basketball is a fairly popular sport and hence, setting up a game of basketball darts for the party you are about to throw or for those little fun break sessions in the office is a very good idea. Read on to find how to play darts basketball as this article will take you to the simple world of a game of darts basketball.

The real rules of basketball are quite close to the dart basketball. Therefore, if you and your friends have at least played or watched basketball at least once, playing dart basketball will become all the more simple. The players are supposed to shoot only at their team’s side of the basket. This means that if you or your team member hit the other team’s side of the board, a turnover happens. Then, their turn starts. You can increase the fun by even making up your own rules or play different games like feel throw contest, three-point shootout and around the world. 

You will find several abbreviations and terms noted down on the dartboard. Though it is not complicating and is quite easy to understand even without explanations, a few of them will be discussed in this article.

  • JMP

It should be noted that both the teams will get one throw at the beginning. Then, it is observed and decided whose dart is closer to the center. This decides the first thrower as the team whose dart was closest to the center wins the chance of being the first thrower. So, essentially that is how the game begins.

  • 2 and 3

If a team gains 2 or 3 points, it means that it is time for a change of possession.

  • FT MK and FT MS

If a team scores on a FT MK space, they get one point and the thrower gets to try and hit another FT MK. Based on that, the team misses or gets possession.

If the dart hits FT MS, no points are given but the thrower gets a chance to try and hit FT MK. If it is successful, the team gets possession.

  • DUNK 2

This means that the team gets two points and there will be a change in possession.


The team gets to throw again and there will be no change in possession.


There will be a change in possession

  • BANK 2

Since this means that you threw a nice bank shot, the team gets two points and is followed by a change in possession.


This results in a turnover and change in possession.

  • OUT TO

This implies that the ball was thrown out of bounds which results in a turnover and change in possession.

As you play and get the hang of it, you will find that darts basketball engages a group and enhances the competitive spirit. Of course, what’s most important is to have fun to the maximum, so by playing different games of darts basketball, find out what entertains you and your gang the most.

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