No Garlic Needed – How To Keep a “Vampire” Away From Your Home

Paying off the electricity bill might be painful, especially during the winter season. It can be even worse once you learn about vampire energy that has been keeping your bills high all this time. 

So, What’s That Vampire All About?

Vampire Power is every electronic device that can leech energy even while being shut off. According to the latest research, things such as a plugged charger costs approximately 20% of the monthly power bill. So, it is a big deal. There is no need to pay for something you don’t use. 

To fight an invisible vampire in your house, follow these simple yet effective recommendations:

Unplug It All

You shouldn’t unplug your refrigerator (unless you go on a long vacation, of course). However, you can unplug other kitchen appliances you don’t use during the day. For instance, consider unplugging your microwave, food processor, and coffee machine. 

Every time you leave the house, make sure to unplug devices such as a printer, modem, camera (once it’s charged), and satellite TV box, and phone charger.

Use Power Strips

Going around your house to turn off every device might take some time. That’s where using power strips can help. All you have to do before going out is to turn off a couple of power strips. 

It’s important to mention that using them will not only save your time, but it will also help to lower your electricity bill. 

Adjust Power Settings

Some people keep their desktops on all the time. It might be comfortable, but let’s not forget how costly it is! If you keep forgetting to turn your desktop off, consider adjusting its settings so that your system will go into the sleep mode at the required hour. 

To learn more about the vampire power in your house, check out the tips in the infographic provided by Texas Electricity.

No Garlic Needed

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