How To Install Fonts in Gimp – [Updated 2019]

A font is basically a layout of a text character in a particular style and a well-defined size. People usually love doing variations in fonts. We do style in fonts because it looks pleasant to our eyes.
Now proceeding to my main topic of discussion i-e “GIMP Fonts”.
Firstly I would like to let my readers know about GIMP as many of the people might be unaware of GIMP.
GIMP is also known as CNU. It is an image manipulation program. GIMP or GNU is an open source program that is completely free. This image manipulation program is basically an image editor that edits an image and adds different variations into it. GIMP performs specialized working of the different tasks. The digital graphics are developed and outgrowth by GNU.
Coming back to the topic i-e GIMP fonts, in this article I will be describing how you will be able to install fonts in GIMP or GNU.

Gimp Fonts

GIMP doesn’t offer you for the selection of fonts rather the fonts that are already installed on your computer are used by GIMP.  Before installing fonts on GIMP, first of all, you need to install fonts on your computer. Instead of installing one by one while installing GIMP, at once make a collection of all the fonts and then install them on your GIMP.
The plus point of GIMP is that you can directly put a font into GIMP without installing it on your computer or a device.
Installation to GIMP is quite simple. Here are some steps for installing the font in GIMP. I am going to describe all the steps one by one.

Process Of Installing Fonts In Gimp

The procedure of installing fonts into GIMP is quite simple most especially when you are a windows user. In the steps mentioned below, I will tell you the overall procedure of installing fonts in GIMP by using the latest and updated version of GIMP.

  1. Search On The Web For The Font That You Want To Use

On the internet, numbers of websites are present that permits you to download the fonts for free. It also provides you with an option to buy the premium fonts.
After downloading or buy fonts, you install them and then use them in GIMP.  Downloading something from an internet always has a risk element with it.  So before using them, first of all, pass them onto the anti-virus scanner.
What if I share my personal experience, I download most of the fonts and my downloads are quite secure but before bring them into my use I run them through a virus scanner.

  1. Download The Font And Then Extract It

Once you find the font of your choice and interest, download it and scan all the downloaded material before you use them.  The fonts that you download from the internet is downloaded in form of ZIP files and you need to extract all the ZIP files.
In order to extract a ZIP file, you will be suggested or advised to choose a file where you have saved the fonts.

  1. Install Your Font

After extracting your file, double click on your image which should be pop up only if your file has extracted correctly/
After the proper extraction of your file, click on the install button. This shall be installing a font on your computer

  1. Enjoy Your New Font In Gimp

So finally open your GIMP and bring or drag the fonts in the image of your choice. The font that you have installed in GIMP is not working in the proper manner


So from the above-given explanation, it is cleared that installing fonts into GIMP is quite simple. But make sure when you download a font pass it through a virus scanner so that you will be relaxed in using fonts in GIMP and will be free from the virus dangers.

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