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How to Grow Your Instagram in 2020

We’re fast approaching another year. Another year of your brand being online, and another year beating your head against Instagram’s seemingly impenetrable brick wall. 

Instagram changed a lot. If 2019 wasn’t the greatest in terms of Instagram growth, you might not be over the moon about the prospect of doing it all over again next year. Things don’t have to look this bad, though. In fact, there are many tricks to giving your Instagram a boost, and growing it into something popular and successful. Let’s talk about it.

Use Trending Hashtags

Your Instagram profile is nothing without its hashtags. Hashtags may have started on Twitter, but it didn’t take long for the gram to catch on, and now they’re the lifeblood of everyone’s favorite social media app. 

They’re actually the lifeblood of most social media channels these days, but nobody loves a good hashtag than those on the gram. When you use hashtags to promote your brand, just make sure that you find the right amount of trending and non-trending options. You also need to make sure that they all relate directly to your brand. 

Check Out a Bot

It’s easy to hear the term ‘bot’ and be put off straight away. Bots have had a pretty bad rep over the past few years – however, this is all about to change. 

In fact, it has been changing, as more and more companies are putting their customers first, even above making a quick profit. These days, companies are much more careful about making sure that their bots stick to Instagram’s T’s and C’s, so there’s no risk to your reputation. IncrediTools has reviewed the best ones.

A bot can streamline your Instagram engagement strategy, leaving you ample space to create more amazing content. 

Run a Contest

Ever noticed someone else you love on Instagram give something away through a promotion or contest? While this is a great way to give back to the community, this isn’t the only reason why they do it. 

Most influencers run contests as a clever way to expand their reach and bring more awareness to their brand. When you run a contest, get everyone who wants to enter to comment on the post and tag a friend. This way, news is spread about your contest like wildfire, and ultimately, about your brand. It’s a great way to bring new followers on board, and show your existing community that you value their support.

Don’t Beat the Influencers; Join Them

If you’re a pretty competitive person, you may take one look at influencers in your niche and see red. However, what you should be doing instead is using them to your advantage. If you see an influencer with an audience that would look good on your profile, why not reach out to them for a collaboration? Not only does this bring a lot more attention to your brand, but it’s also a great chance to network in your industry, and work on establishing yourself as a hallmark. 

Final Thoughts

You may not like the thought of diving back into your Instagram growth in the new year – but there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, with a new year brings new opportunities, and more chances for you to throw caution to the wind and really get stuck into growing your Instagram. 

2020 is all about achieving those Instagram growth goals, so the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out. Don’t forget to add these helpful tricks to your Instagram engagement strategy, and you won’t even recognize your profile by the end of the year. Happy gram growth.

Charlie Wilson

I am Charlie Wilson, an enthusiast who loves to travel and explore the world. Not only travelling is what I love in fact, I write travel blogs too, in order to entertain people and show them how important travelling is. I am a passionate writer and by profession

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