How To Get Instagram Followers – 12 Actionable Tips That Really Matters

Instagram is the fastest growing social platform with one billion user base just after eight years of its launch. Instagram followers have significant importance when it comes to promoting your brand or product. In this article, we will uncover the ways on how to get Instagram followers authentically.  The safest way to do this is by using organic techniques like commenting and liking on the posts of the users. Here’s how to get Instagram followers.

How To Get Instagram Followers Organically

  • Post more often and consistently because when you post two to three times a day then your number of followers will grow organically. When you post more often, you will receive higher engagement.
  • In order to gain more followers naturally, consider liking and commenting on other’s photos. Like hundreds of random pictures of the users who are relevant to your niche. Research suggests that you can get more profile views, post likes and get followers in a day.
  • Hashtags play an important role to give your post a higher ranking in the search results page because it can make your content more discoverable.
  • The most effective time to post is from 2 pm to 5 pm. You can figure out the best time to post using Instagram analytics. Check out when your audience is most active and schedule your post accordingly.
  • Create compelling content and secure the top ranking in the explore tab. By doing this, there are more chances to get a feature on Instagram itself. You should join the projects of Instagram that increase the chances of being featured. It is really a great way to get a number of followers overnight.
  • Use a call to action to your captions and profile bio. For instance, add CTA like call now or book your order etc. Know more latest news from
  • All the strategies and tips can’t compete with really engaging on Instagram. Leave a thoughtful comment on the photos of others but don’t try to hijack their post by promoting your product. Find new people on regular basis and like a bunch of photos, follow new people and connect with them.
  • Try all the content format on Instagram from images to video, live video to IGTV videos, and Insta-stories to Boomerang. Consider posting a mix of photos and videos in your feeds.
  • Studies suggest that when you post during mid-week, you will receive more likes and comments. The more you get engagement, the more you grow following.
  • Tag your loyal followers in your posts. But don’t tag the same people in every post. You can also tag mega brands and influencers to get more visibility and engagement.
  • Use the editing tool and third-party app to make your photos more appealing. You can add overlay text, emojis and stickers on the images and post them in your Instagram stories. Even you can use frames and effects to make your images pop. Use Aviary tool to make your photos visually appealing.
  • Come up with different and unique ideas that entice your target audience. Post inspirational and motivational quotes more often as if you are fitness expert, post quotes with #mondaymotivation.

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