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How to Choose the Correct Lock for Our Exterior Doors?

Security is essential for the peace of mind of a property owner, who is always looking for options to prevent a malicious robber or hacker. The main security element that property owners rely on to protect their place consists of choosing the perfect lock. To achieve this, it is important to learn the basic criteria for door security. When choosing the right commercial access system for buildings, property owners need to make sure that it also integrates with their door lock system.

What are Locks?

A lock consists of a mechanism that is generally made of metal and is used to secure an access point, it can be a door, window, drawer, or a chest to name a few. The locks prevent intruders from entering a certain physical space and are the accessories responsible for blocking unauthorized entries through access points to the home or office.

Most Locks Have the Following Parts:

  • Light indicator: This can either flash or turn a certain light color to notify if someone’s entry is approved or denied when accessing a certain place.
  • Slip: It is a metallic piece on the side profile of the lock that allows the door to close automatically when it is pushed completely.
  • Flask: This reinforces the security of the door and is located on one side of the lock.  This part releases the key when it is turned to close or open the door lock.
  • Knob or handle: These pieces are connected to a square that connects to the latch to open the door.

How to Choose the Ideal Lock?

There are different types of locks depending on the type of entry systems. Especially with the rise of COVID-19, the industry is now adopting door locks that integrate with key card entry systems to reduce the amount of common touchpoints. There are several types of locks recommended to be used on the external doors of office, among them are:

  • Cylindrical: Most common type of lock that is also known as a European profile.
  • Multipoint: Known to be very safe locks that are difficult to be forced open because they contain several anchors in different places on the door.
  • Digital or electronic: Consists of an electronic system that unlocks the lock using an alphanumeric code, electromagnetic cards, mobile phone or a fingerprint.

How to Choose the Ideal Lock?

Choosing a lock is not an easy task when you don’t have locksmith knowledge. When it comes time to choose a lock for your building, it is important to have the support and guidance of your trusted locksmith, but it is also important to know the basics to consider when choosing the perfect lock for your doors.

Some tips to acquire the best lock for your needs are the following:

  • Verify the type of cylinder that contains the lock. The cylinder is that part in which the key is inserted to unlock the door lock.
  • Consider the manufacturing material. Almost all locks are made of metal or alloys, which are the most ideal for exterior doors because the material is very resistant to the elements.
  • Review the finishes. Some offer resistance to corrosion using material such as chrome, satin, or nickel.

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