How to Choose a Fishing Charter in Jacksonville

Do you want to catch fish but do not know where to begin? You have 2 options. 
First, you can buy some instructional DVDs and books, or attend some seminars. After then, you can spend the next years trying to catch some fish, but with little success.  Second, you can choose the right charter in Jacksonville, and enjoy the fishing outing of your dreams.
In this article, we will explain how you can choose a fishing charter in Jacksonville. So, let’s show you how.

1. Decide on the Type of Fishing Experience You Need

Before you start surfing the internet for contacts of boat owners and captains, you need to decide on the kind of charter that you need. Each charter service is peculiar and most of them specialize in a particular fishing style. So, you need to narrow down your search to specifics. You can consider the following:

Private or Shared

This is quite straightforward. Would you prefer having a boat all to yourself or you’d be happy to share with others? Well, there is more to that question.
A private charter offers you a customized experience. You can fish at your pace, targeting the species of fish that you need. And if you have little knowledge of fishing, the captain is there to give you the basic training and assist you in bringing the fish aboard. In addition to that, you will be given a personal guide who will give you information about the fishing area. This service is quite expensive, but you will get what you paid for.
A shared charter is a good option for people who already know how to use the fishing rod. You can have a cheap dinner and make some new friends on the go. The crew tries to help everyone on board, but beginners may feel lost along the line. Also, you will not have control over where or how you fish.

Offshore or Inshore

Depending on where you choose to fish, your day can be entirely different, especially when you are in the ocean. When you choose the inshore type of fishing, you will stay close to the land, in sheltered waters. Also, the fishes you will find there will be smaller.
However, inshore fishing is amazing for young children and first-timers because the trip is usually short. Well, that doesn’t mean that pros can’t fish inshore; most of the top game fish in the world are found inshore.
As you go away from the coast, you will start seeing some bigger fishes. Offshore charter will take you far away from land. This fishing is a serious sport and it can take the whole day. The water there may be rough, but it is perfect for anglers who are confident and need a challenging activity.

2. Choose a Captain

Choose a Captain
The amount of fun and fish you will catch is dependent on the captain. So, it is important to know the captain before booking the charter. You can ask whether they are new in the business, whether they are local, and their fishing experience in the area. You need an experienced captain to make the trip worthwhile.

3. Ask About Licenses and Permits

It is important to choose a charter that has the necessary licenses and permits. It means that you will be fishing with a well-trained captain and you will not have trouble with the Coast Guard. Captains need to have a permit to organize fishing trips, a captain’s license, and an insurance plan.

4. Find Out the Price of the Charter

Cheap charter is not usually the best. It may be cheap for a purpose. The boat may either be old, or the equipment is worn. It is also possible that the captain does not have insurance. And there is the likelihood of extra charges in the big picture. Therefore, you need to find out what you are paying for before you book. You can ask questions about the bait, fuel, and refreshment.

5. Book Your Trip

When you have decided on the fishing experience you need, the captain, and the necessary paperwork involved, you can now book a trip.
You can check out https://www.fishingperfect.com/charters/florida/jacksonville/ for useful information on the best fishing charter in Jacksonville.


It can be quite difficult when you are trying to choose a fishing charter. We hope that this article has provided the tips you need to make your big day out on the ocean a reality. 

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