How Cannabis Strains can help you Relax at Home

Some days, you just feel like staying home and doing nothing, and what makes doing nothing the best, most productive thing you could do, and turns your home into a wonderland you can explore for hours on end? Cannabis.

In that spirit, we have compiled some of the best cannabis strains for relaxing at home, and relaxation can come in various fun forms. If you think choosing Indica over Sativa settles it, you’re very far from the truth – this distinction has been found to be too broad to account for the intricacies and nuances of the plethora of cannabis strains and their sweeping effects.

All you have to do is type “cannabis delivery near me.” We’ve taken care of the rest.

Cannabis Strains for Relaxation

Of course, nothing epitomizes the cannabis experience like deep, peaceful relaxation, and since this can mean a number of different things for different people, we’ve picked out a variety of strains for every facet of chilling out.

Simply Relaxing

Master Kush

Master Kush is a true classic, especially for those looking to take the edge off after a long day. A proper Indica that’s a cross between landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1992 and 1993, which is an accolade that speaks for itself.

Plus, if you have a thing for nostalgia and your days in the 90s happened to be filled with care-free days of Master Kush smoke, which isn’t unlikely considering how popular it was back in the day, you could actually experience a déjà vu through the familiar taste and smell and get back to those simpler times, even for a bit.

Mental Buzz/Euphoria

Being high goes way beyond relaxation and into the wondrous worlds that cannabis can open your mind to. Here are a couple of strains that can send your mind on vacation while your body relaxes at home.

GSC (a.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies)

GSC is an acclaimed hybrid that has multiple Cannabis Cup awards behind its playful name. What makes this hybrid so good on an almost universal scale is the fine balance it strikes between full-body relaxation and euphoria, sending you floating through time and space, all while you lay on your couch that will feel like a cotton cloud. It’s perfect for people who want a deep sense of relaxation without feeling sedated.

Also, GSC’s abundance in THC also makes it a great option for those, seeking pain relief. Overall, a very well-rounded strain, especially for homely environments.


Somewhat similar to GSC, but a Sativa-dominant hybrid, TrainWreck will send your mind on a rollercoaster of positive emotions. It’s a really happy-vibes strain and true to its catchy name, it is capable of revealing the bright side of even the worst train wreck.

TrainWreck feels like a pair of rose-tinted glasses, and being from Northern California, it is as if this strain is imbued with the care-free, joyous spirit of its home.

Bearing another similarity with GSC, TrainWreck’s high THC contents makes it great for people who suffer from different kinds of pain.


Sparking creativity is one of the most sought after effects of cannabis. In fact, surveys find that up to 50% of cannabis users think the flower can make them more creative.

While the strains from the mental buzz category can have creativity-inducing effects, here are a couple of cultivars that should straight-up unleash the artist within, if there’s one there to begin with.


With a name like this, you know this strain will send you on a trip, filled with a lot of “Eureka!” moments. LSD can help your mind crystalize some murky ideas and form associations that may have been eluding it for seemingly forever. It’s no wonder this strain is often recommended for writer’s block.

Kali Must

This strain is hailed for the mental energy it charges you with, but rather than a buzz, it’s more of a channeled force. It sets your imagination free while still helping you retain focus – crucial balance creatives often fail to maintain.


Of course, sometimes you just need a good night (or day) of sleep, but all the stress that might have deprived you of this birthright can be hard to shake off and might still linger even after the work week has finished.

Here’s a strain that will help you sleep like a stoned baby.

Willy’s Wonder

This indica-dominant hybrid has a somewhat of legendary status, and to appreciate a strain of such magnitude, you need to have some experience in cannabis consumption as well.

Willy’s Wonder can be similar to both GSC and TrainWreck in its mental buzz-inducing effects, however, it definitely lays far more on the indie side than them, and as the euphoria slowly starts to fade away, pleasant sleepiness will take its place.

Willy’s Wonder is great for people, looking for a good sleep, but want to still enjoy a nice, multi-dimensional high before that.


Studies show that cannabis users can have up to 20% more sex than non-users, and in that spirit, a couple of strains to keep in mind when you want to get in the mood are Bubblegum Kush for its sensual high, and Sour Diesel for the solid charge of lustful energy it packs.


As you can see, relaxation can mean so much more than simply rest.



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