Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

There is little doubt that a water filter is a worthwhile investment. As soon as you realize that the water treatment plant is adding chlorine and fluoride to the water and that both of these could be harmful to your health, you know you need to filter your own water.

That’s not even considering the number of contaminants that can be picked up between the treatment plant and your faucet. There are miles of pipes for the water to travel down and plenty of opportunities for contaminants to enter the system.

If you haven’t already got a water filtration system installed then you need to locate the best possible supplier of water filters Sydney and get one sorted!

But, this does lead to another dilemma, do you get a whole house water filter or a single tap filtration system?

The Single Tap System

In most cases, the single tap system is considerably cheaper than installing a whole house system. This is because one filter is added to the supply line directly before your faucet. The most commonly used filter is carbon although an increasing number of homes are looking at reverse osmosis. It should be noted that reverse osmosis systems are generally more expensive.

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Alongside a reduced cost the single tap system is easy to maintain and the filters will last much longer than a whole house system. That’s simply a game of math, single filters process much less water than whole-house systems.

But, you will need to remember to use the specific tap when you get a drink or you won’t benefit from filtered water.

The Whole House System

A whole house water filtration system connects to the main supply of water into your home and filters all the water that enters your home. It takes up substantially more space than the single tap filter and may have multiple filters built into it. Of course, a much greater volume of water passes through these filters which means they’ll need to be changed more regularly.

It should be noted that you’ll need considerably more space for a whole house system as the filtration system must cover all the water coming into the building. This can generally be achieved by adding the system to the supply line in your basement. You’ll need to monitor and check the filters regularly and replace them as necessary.

It’s normal for there to be more than one filter.

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The whole house system is substantially more expensive. However, if you suffer from allergies it is generally a worthwhile investment. The filtration system will remove chemicals, including chlorine, this will eliminate the likelihood of the water giving you a rash or other complications associated with your allergies.

For most people a single tap system is satisfactory, you simply use one tap for all your water needs. However, if you’re forgetful or have allergies you’ll find the whole house system a worthwhile investment. It can even add value to your home as potential buyers will see that you take care of your home. It’s an investment they won’t need to make.

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