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Some Best House Cleaning Services In Singapore 

Everyone in Singapore remains busy throughout the week and no one wants to waste their weekend by cleaning their homes. Hence, cleaning service industries are very demanding in Singapore. There are many cleaning services companies in Singapore and you can book the cleaning service on the phone or online. The cleaning service companies provide a wide range of services starting from ironing of clothes to cleaning the grilles of windows. But since there are many cleaning services companies it becomes quite difficult for every customer to select the best one. However, SGHomeNeeds provides the best-reviewed cleaning companies in Singapore and you must check this review before you select any house cleaning service

Top cleaning service companies in Singapore
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The following cleaning service companies provide the best services in Singapore:

  • NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

    This is one of the best cleaning service companies in Singapore and you can avail both regular as well as one-time session service from this company. This company provides its service at a very economical rate and it only charges $126 to $220 depending on the size of the house and the time you engage them. However, if you take this service during the festival time the charges will be more since there is a huge demand during that time. The general cleaning service that it provides coves a wide range of services such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping, tidying of the entire house.

  • Helping

    This is another best cleaning service company in Singapore and apart from Singapore it is also available in ten other countries. It comes up with an app with the help of which you can book the cleaning service and can also pay for the service online. For one-time service it usually charges $35 per hour but for weekly and biweekly cleaning service it charges $20 per hour. But if you avail of its service on Friday and weekends then it will charge $10. Hence, you can see this cleaning service company provides one of the cheapest services in Singapore.

  • Whissh Home Cleaning Service

    This is another excellent cleaning service company in Singapore. Apart from providing cleaning and laundry service it also provides electric and plumbing service. For one-time cleaning service it usually charges $30 per hour. It comes up with two forms of weekly packages and in the first package is priced at $380 per month where you will get weekly cleaning service of 4 hours per visit. In the second package, it charges $23 per hour for weekly cleaning. When you will call this company on Friday or on the weekend it will charge $10. This company also provides deep cleaning service at the time when you will move your house. Apart from that it also provides its service for those who have just finished the renovation of their house.

  • HelperGo Singapore

    This is another great cleaning service company that you can avail and for providing a one-time cleaning service it will charge $25 per hour whereas for weekly service it will charge $22 per hour. But if you want to avail the service of this company then you have to take the service for at least 3 hours. Apart from cleaning the company also provides laundry and ironing servers as well as you can avail grocery shopping as well. You can also avail deep cleaning service at $20 per hour and if you need any additional service the company will charge $2 per hour. This company can also help you with grocery shopping, cooking for the whole family and also for babysitting. Apart from that, if you need escorting someone for a medical visit then also you can take the service of this company.

  • Home Cleanz Cleaning Service

    This is another most reputed cleaning company in Singapore and the main aim of this company is to provide almost all types of cleaning service for busy professionals. It offers a diverse range of additional service that includes carpet shampooing, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, steaming as well as sanitation. For regular cleaning services, it usually charges the amount that ranges from $160 to $1020 depending on the size of the house as well as how much regular you take its service.         

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