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Giving Free Gifts to Influencers: Is It Really Worth It?

Influencers and internet personalities have a lot of power. A lot of young adults online listen to what they have to say and this makes them a useful asset for new businesses. In particular, it has become the norm to send free gifts to an influence in an attempt to build a brand.
But, it is really worth it? Do free gifts actually work? With the right branding strategy, working with influencers can be an advantageous thing for your brand to do. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of sending free gifts to influencers.

Boost Your Sales

So, what is the main reason for giving free gifts to influencers? Simply, it is to boost your sales. The good news is that it can work when you choose the right personalities to send your products to. The basic idea is that you send big influencers some free products and they are going to showcase them to their following. The best thing you can do is choose influencers that are going to have something in common with your product. For example, if you have a healthy food brand, you can send the product to a fitness instructor or personal trainer. They are more likely to have an audience that is going to make a purchase from you.

Build Brand Visibility 

Another good way to allow more people to discover your brand is to send free products to an influencer so that they can create a giveaway. This is going to allow their followers to learn more about your brand and the products you have. But, if you are not sure where to start when it comes to building brand visibility, you can work with a food marketing agency in London. With an expert team, they can work with you to send out products to relevant influencers and give your brand a head start. The influencer will talk about your product and show it to their followers and more people can hear about your company. This gets them interested.

It Can Be Cost Effective

Working with influencers on a regular basis can cost a lot when you are a new company and trying to stick to a budget. For example, you may have to pay a commission on sales to an influencer or pay them per post based on the number of followers they have. This is going to be fine if you have a big budget to spend on this type of marketing. But, the reality is, if you are a small business, this is not going to be what you want to pay out at first.
Giving free gifts to influencers can be a cost-effective way to market your new products. You can simply set some of them aside for gifting. The purpose of this is that they will appreciate your product and use it. Then, they will post about it to their followers. In turn, they may purchase the product from you.

Enjoy Quality Media

When you gift products to influencers, you can ask them to take photos or videos with them. This is a great opportunity to repost these images for your brand. Not only will it show a famous influencer with the product, but it can also be cool shots if they are on vacation or are somewhere exotic. 
The great thing about influencers is that they already have quality equipment. This includes high-tech cameras and good lighting. So, they can take fantastic images and videos for your company and all you had to do was send a few free gifts. You can enjoy having an extensive media collection.

Tips for Giving Free Gifts

You want to make sure that you are not wasting your time when it comes to giving away free gifts to influencers. So, we have some tips to make sure that it is a success. First of all, ensure that you are sending high-quality products. You do not want bad publicity if you ask for an honest review from an influencer. After all, they have a large following and this could do some damage. 
Next, ensure that you see free products to influencers that are relevant to them and that you think they will like. They are not going to be enthusiastic about reviewing and doing a campaign on a product that has nothing to do with their brand. Take the time to match the product to the influencer for the most success.

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