General Military Equipment with NSN for Outdoor, Fields, & Others

General military equipment can be of several types, it be for outdoor, fields, agriculture, mining, construction, excavations, highway maintenance, and handling of materials.

It incorporates not only these fields but also air conditioning, air purification, marine lifesaving, refrigeration, plumbing, waste disposal, aircraft maintenance, fire control maintenance, abrasive materials, valves, and many more. 

NATO classification groups enable individuals to manage supply classes conveniently without investing too much effort.

These are some of the most sought-after types of general military equipment and everything you need to know about them. 

Agriculture Machinery 

NATO supply group 37 is devoted to agriculture machinery and equipment, involving multiple subcategories like soil preparation, and harvesting equipment. Also, this FSG includes gardening implements and tools, farm trailers, animal-drawn vehicles, saddlery, harnesses, whips, livestock, and pest control equipment. 

Soil preparation equipment is listed under FSC 3710, providing buyers with disc harrows, hydro seeders, sod cutters, garden cultivators, hydro mulcher, rotary tiller, skid-mounted hydro seeders, seed drills, trailer hydroseeder, mechanic stone picker, and other tools. In contrast, harvesting equipment can be found in supply category 3720. 

Harvesting equipment offers an assortment of different tools, such as mower roller bracket, towed field mower, cutter bar tilt rod, knife backing strip, outer shoe sole, inner shoe wear plate, pitman bearing connector, seed separator, sickle rear guide, etc. Conversely, dairy, poultry, and livestock equipment are limited to the chicken brooder, milk filler machine, and brooder rack. These items are listed in supply class 3730. 

Buyers interested in purchasing pest, disease, and frost control equipment should look at FSC 3740. The assortment of general equipment NSN products is divided into multiple classes. FSC 3740 equipment involves rod connectors, scarecrow exploders, sprayer tanks, insect traps, industrial hand sprayers, animal cage traps, insecticide sprayer tip, animal cage traps, nozzle retainers, sprayer injectors, tarpaulins, scare away guns, mosquito light trap, insect aspirator, liquid sprayer, pesticide sprayer, dispersal chute, and others. These are mostly used outdoors.

FSC 3740 offers a large range of products aimed at preventing pests, diseases, and frost from doing harm to crops. Besides the items mentioned previously, FSC 3740 offers insect wing trap kits, insect monitoring kits, theatrical fog generator, moth lures, glue insecticide, rodent bait container, rod glue stick trap, larval tray, mosquito breeder, mosquito light trap, tranquilizer rifle charge, tick tweezer, etc. 

Individuals more interested in gardening tools than pest control equipment should go through the products in FSC 3750. Here, they can find sand trap rakes, grass hooks, lawnmowers, weed cutters, lawn rakes, grass trimmers, cutting shears, garden rakes, lawn sprinklers, garden hoe, hay fork handles, manure forks, spades, lawn edger, pruning shears, loose material spreader, hedge trimmer, mower blade, sprinkler diaphragm, and others. 

As far as animal furnishings are concerned, individuals can look for them in FSC 3770. These furnishings include dog leashes, dog blankets, dog collars, animal bedding, animal cages, grooming brushes, toenail clippers, feeding pans, animal cage racks, horse mule riding saddle, large animal halters, horseshoes, dog muzzles, animal clipper blade, dog kennel, hoof pick, training accessory kits, whips, hair clippers, nail trimmers, etc. 

Construction, Mining, Excavating, and Highway Maintenance Equipment

Supply group 38 consists of earthmoving and excavating equipment, cranes, crane shovels, crane-shovel attachments, mining and rock drilling tools, road clearing equipment, truck attachments, tractor attachments, and construction tools. Check out these seven types of crane constructions. 

Moreover, earthmoving and excavating tools are classified in FSC 3805. These tools can be bought as scraper bowl cutting edge, loader scoop cutting edge, routing bit, excavator piston, rubber lock, tooth lock, motorized road grader, belt type loader, control valve assembly, ditching machine, power cylinder, adjustable link tube, conveyor guide, wheel spindle, dump trucks, etc. 

Cranes and crane shovels are represented in supply class 3810. Buyers can choose from a number of truck-mounted cranes, outer seal washers, wheel-mounted cranes, crane outriggers, carriers, cylinder parts, vehicular fender panels, and air cylinders.

Nevertheless, crane and crane-shovel attachments belong to another class, FSC 3815. These attachments include crane shovel backhoe, surface ripping tooth, liners, wedges, dragline bucket, clamshell bucket, concrete bucket, boom clamp, crane boom, and many other objects. 

FSC 3820 is reserved for mining, rock drilling, earth boring, and related equipment. This class is copious in sinker pneumatic drills, drifter pneumatic drills, air motors, valve disks, tension grip shoes, auger blades, rubber chute, vibrating screen rail, grizzle bar support, brake wheel pad, key plate, jaw crusher, paving breaker, drilling machine, drill yoke, rock drill bit, breakout fork, and others. For guidance on using a drill, visit this site https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Use-a-Drill/

Road clearing, cleaning, and marking tools have been given the digit 3825. It consists of traffic line markers, road sweeper brush sets, self-propelled vacuum cleaners, towed rotary sweepers, deflector angles, lock handles, self-propelled snow removal unit, locking plate, fan rotor blade, tank type water distributor, self-propelled magnet sweeper, ball check retainer, conveyor cutter, and snow removal trucks. 

Materials Handling Equipment

Group 39 of the NATO supply classification system is the material handling equipment, including conveyors, material feeders, warehouse trucks and tractors, blocks, tackle, rigging, slings, winches, hoists, derricks, and freight elevators. Conveyors, included in FSC 3910, cover parts like conveyor trays, floor gravity conveyor support, bucket type elevator, pull rod assembly, carrier link set, belt conveyor, unloader assembly, intermediate wear strip, end wear strip, carrier link, outer carrier link, etc. 

Material feeders, covered in supply class 3915, can be bought as volumetric feeders, vibratory feeder bowls, dry material feeders, breaker screens, pneumatic turbine vibrator, shaft assembly, and bulk material volumetric feeders. 

In contrast, warehouse trucks and tractors represent a separate category with the number 3930. These vehicles include forklift trucks, rear handrail, front handrail, pallet guide assembly, roller tray, cylinder bracket, forklift trucks, straddle carry trucks, warehouse wheeled tractors, drain line hose, ram valve plug, pump hose, axle, rear axle, high-pressure hose, low-pressure hose, hub cup, etc. 

Final note

Let NATO classification groups help you find the products you are looking for.It’s a system that facilitates the journey of buyers in search of general military equipment instead of making it complicated!

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