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It’s a mobile world; everyone wants to control everything from the mobile. That is why everything is fast and easy to use, software Development Company making mobile apps on a daily basis and wanted to compete with the other companies and come on the top. Things are happening but on the other hand, so many companies working on security as well. These companies make sure that no one can hack the data of users; no one can check the privacy of the users. Hackers usually do that to get the data of popular mobile apps so that they can get them down and make those on their apps.

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But popular apps keep their security updated as well, Let’s discuss the top mobile apps of all time. You can also see detail here

  • Weather

This is one of the best apps of all the time, it shows a forecast data of 12 weeks and other fun stats. Other than that it also gives you an option of sewer whether notification which gives the weather forecast. This app is available in two versions one is free and the other is paid. In the free version, you will see the advertisement but in the paid version, you will not see any ads, the cost is only $1.99, other than that no difference in both versions.

  • Bouncer

This app becomes famous in 2018. This app has unique features for security purposes, for example, this app helps you in opening Facebook without targeting your location. And also this app disables the option when you close the Facebook app. This helps you in using social media app without letting know someone about your location. Unlike the weather app, this is only available in the paid version. This app charged $0.99. This app is also a famous Android Q feature also Google really likes this app.

  • Google Drive

Who doesn’t know about this app, about 70% of users are using an android phone, which means everyone has Google drive installed on their phone? This app is also available in both Free and paid versions. Google Drive allows you to save 15Gb data in it but if you exceed it then it offers you to purchase the additional storage of GB from it and they are even very cheap price. One can easily put their storage or professional data on it. It also provides you to sync your mobile data on it. As per security and storage purposes, I can say that it’s the best app, you only need a to login to drive and access it.

  • Google Maps

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Are you a traveler and have internet then this is the best app for you, you can point a location and start moving to your place, it will show you where you are and how you can go to a specific place. It also shows you if there is a lot of traffic on the roads then it shows you red icons there so that you can stay at home and check from home whether you go outside or stay at home. It also helps you in finding the best restaurant in your place.

  • Google Assistant

What an app that it is, this app is best for the people who are blind or who cannot hear properly. This app is your personal assistant, you can use this app from your voice as well, students and even kids open this app and get knowledge from it as well, and this app is another product of Google. Overall this helps you a lot in finding the best thing from the world with the Internet.

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