Factors to Consider When Shopping for 5th Wheel Hitches

Serious campers dream of owning their recreational vehicles (RV). But if they want to make sure that all their road trips will be stress-free and memorable, they need to invest in other equipment that will help the RV function properly. Some of this equipment is essential for towing the motorhome and the toads or the supplementary vehicle. 

One of the most common towing accessories for RV is the 5th wheel hitches. It is the big flat plate that resembles the appearance of a horseshoe. It connects to the trailer through a downward-facing pin known as the kingpin. If you are ready to spend some money on 5th wheel hitches, here are several details that you need to know before you make the big purchase. 

What Type of Truck to Use for Towing?

5th Wheel Hitches

If you plan to buy a 5th wheel hitch, you need to know if your RV can accommodate it. You may need to reread your user manual or visit the manufacturer’s website to get the information. Some of the things that you need to know to make sure that it can benefit from using 5th wheel hitches include the length of the truck bed, and the RVs’ date of manufacture, year, and model. 

You must also inquire if the RV comes with a plastic liner to know if you can drill a hole to make room for a 5th wheel hitch. Also, you need to look for pucks located in the truck bed to make sure that you can attach a 5th wheel hitch on the RV.  

What are the Kinds of 5th Wheel Hitches? 

5th Wheel Hitches

There are different types of 5th wheel hitch in the market. They vary according to function. 

The first one is called the Traditional 5th Wheel Hitch, also known as the long bed trucks. You will find two versions of this 5th wheel hitch type, including the Standard Fixed Hitch, which uses a hitch that comes without cushioning. If you use this, you need to buy additional padded pin boxes to reduce the effects of the deep bumps of the road. The other type is the Air Ride, which comes with a complete system to cushion the load or trailer against the road bumps. 

Another type of 5th wheel hitch is the Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch or the short bed trucks. It also comes in two basic types, including the Manual Sliding Hitch, which requires you to slide the hitch by hand. Meanwhile, the Auto Sliding Hitch has a mechanism that can push the hitch automatically. 

You may also use a Gooseneck Adapter if your truck comes with a towing system that you can use for your gooseneck trailer. Some of these adapters can hook up with your gooseneck ball. 

Since there are plenty of brands and choices for 5th wheel hitches available in RV shops all over the country, you need to carefully consider all your needs before you decide on the item that you will buy for your RV. You must also find the dimensions and features of both the travel trailer and the tow vehicle. As soon as you have all the information on hand, you can finally focus on shopping for your new 5th wheel hitch. So always do your research to find the right kind of 5th wheel hitch to get your money’s worth.   

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