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7 Things that Every Event Planner Needs

Planning events is not an easy task. It requires advanced knowledge about business, the ability to strategize, interpersonal skills, and boundless creativity. Developing these capabilities is crucial for event planners to be successful. 

Here are 7 things every event planner needs:

Knowledge of Events 

Understanding the specific details of events is essential for being a successful event planner. Substantial knowledge about a variety of topics and industries is required for planning events. 

Topics an event planner should be knowledgeable about includes:

  • Catering
  • Servers
  • Music
  • Decorating
  • Floorplans
  • Timing
  • Types of events

These are simply a few of the topics an event planner should know. Every event will require a variety of different topics, styles, and specialties. To coordinate a wide variety of events, event planners should continually strive to increase their knowledge of events and trends. 

Event planners don’t need to be experts in every area; however, they must know enough about each topic to ensure events run smoothly and professionally. 

Business Sense 

Event planning requires sufficient business sense. Behind the scenes of an event, there is a considerable amount of work done related to business. 

Understanding information, such as contracts, suppliers, finances, marketing, and insurance, is important for planning events. 

Aspiring event planners should search for opportunities to gain basic business knowledge and skills. Excellent methods for learning about business include taking relevant business classes or starting a job to earn experience.

Learning about the event planning business is crucial for being a successful event planner. Event planners must learn the ins and out of business to ensure they’re fully prepared to get to work. It even helps to incorporate social learning into your skillset to become a better event planner.

Logical Organization

Organization is one of the most important skills for event planners to possess. The inability to plan and maintain an organized event will result in miscommunication, missteps, and chaos.  

Organizing an event involves impeccable attention to detail. Event planners must coordinate schedules between themselves, clients, and vendors to ensure everything is prepared for an event, including supplies, food, activities, the venue, staff, and guests. 

By creating and following a detailed checklist, event planners can guarantee their events will be flawlessly organized and planned to guarantee success.

The ability to organize events logically is a required skill for event planners. 

Ability to Adapt

Ability to Adapt

Unfortunately, at most perfectly planned events, something is bound to go wrong. Event planners must have the ability to adapt when inevitable mistakes or miscommunications occur. 

Adaptability boils down to an event planner’s capacity to be flexible, resolve issues, and think quickly on their feet. Event planners need to remain calm and stress-free in the face of uncertainty to develop new solutions and strategies for keeping events on track. 

It’s difficult for a highly organized individual, as an event planner, to adopt a relaxed attitude when events are not executed to perfection. However, a combination of organizational and adaptability skills are required for event planners. Whether an event runs smoothly or encounters some bumps in the road, an event planner needs the capability to finish the event successfully. 

Being able to adapt to new and unplanned situations is an essential skill for event planners. 

Communication Skills 

Communication skills are vitally important for event planners. Clearly communicating needs and expectations is necessary for events to be successful. 

This skill proves beneficial when event planners communicate with clients, employees, and vendors. Being able to understandably state the requirements for an event will eliminate miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Additionally, communication skills are valuable for an event planner’s networking efforts. Attending networking events assists with building connections with venue owners, suppliers, servers, musicians, and caterers. Most importantly, event planners can utilize networking to meet and earn new clients for their business. 

Developing quality communication skills is essential for effective event planning.

Boundless Creativity 

Event planners are expected to develop creative ideas, solutions, and events. Nourishing creativity by regularly searching for new and exciting aspects to incorporate into planning events is key for remaining relevant and earning clients.

Researching event planning recommendations through social media, blogs, and influencers is important for staying updated on the latest trends and styles. 

During the event planning process, event planners need to discover methods for adding unique touches or ideas to standout. For example, purchasing specialized event wristbands is an interesting way to advertise an event and leave a lasting impression.

Event planners need an eye for creativity to ensure their events are unique. 

Desire to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

The foundation for event planning is a desire to deliver quality customer service. Event planners must exceed the needs and wants of their clients and guests by doing everything in their power to create a beautiful and successful event. 

Growing a positive, patient, and empathetic attitude is required for event planners to provide excellent customer service and exceed their client’s expectations. 

Event planners need to develop a variety of skills and abilities to ensure they’ll earn clients and plan successful events. Business knowledge, organization, adaptability, communication, creativity, and quality customer service are required to create events clients will rave about. 

If you’re interested in becoming an event planner, develop these 7 capabilities to guarantee you’ll be a success.

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