Essential Oils to Know for Enhanced Focus

Essential oils are compounds extracted from fragrant plants through water distillation or steam.
Companies may also use mechanical methods like cold pressed to get them. These oils are very aromatic, and the diluted substances are used on the skin or inhaled.
More than a hundred essential oils are out there, and some have claimed to have excellent effects on health. Other people use them to reduce stress, enhance energy, be more motivated, and improve focus. You can check more about their uses on Be Moxe Essential Oils Blog to get different ideas about ylang-ylang, frankincense, and others that can help you alleviate stress. When you have a laser-sharp focus, you can significantly improve your productivity at work and sharpen your mental acuity as well.

What you Smell Can Affect your Brain

According to Aromatic Studies at the New York Institute, the sense of smell can directly affect the mind in a bad or good way. When humans smell something, an electrical impulse is triggered by the aromatic molecules. These molecules are then sent to the limbic system, which is a part of the brain. 
The limbic system is responsible for learning, memory, behavior, conscious and unconscious responses. It’s also the part of the brain that manufactures essential proteins and enzymes that make the hormones. These regulate the actions and controls that you have in your body. According to Amy Galper, a certified aromatherapist, the right essential oil can aid your concentration, focus, and alertness in a big way.
However, certain aromas have different effects compared to the others. This is why you can find a plethora of essential oils out there in the market today. Each has its own effects and benefits. When you want to enhance your focus, it’s essential to look for those that can have balancing properties and calming effects on your body. This can be found in basil or vetiver. Others like grapefruit and spearmint can make you more energized and productive.
To get the most out of the aroma, you have two options on how you can take them. The first is a diffuser that will help your room smell like heavenly lavender and dispel the stuffy scent in your office. Or you may want to get some drops on cotton then sniff them whenever you want. You can know more about essential oils on this site here.

Focus-Enhancing Oils to Choose From


Rosemary is not just a single herb that you use to sprinkle on your pasta and appetizers. The scent is also helping you to focus and concentrate. This is a flowering shrub that is an herb and part of the mint family. The molecules are rich and supportive of one’s overall health. The aroma is super-fragrant, intense, and can be compared to a little like lavender. You may even experience purification, clarity, and a sense of peace.


Peppermint has a distinctive smell that feels lethargic and stimulating. It keeps you awake and focused, and it can be a stimulator to boost your performance. Adding to its soothing aroma, it’s also antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial that can help with inflammation. Choosing peppermint as an aromatic oil can help clear your mind, ease your breathing, and uplift your moods. You can focus more on your tasks and decrease the nervous tension inside your tummy.


This is a great morning boost to start your day. Grapefruits have that refreshing and sweet orange oil with a slight tinge of bitterness. This can help you be energized and uplifted, and you can disperse stagnant thoughts from your day. Read more about grapefruit here:
You can have clarity with the diffusers or aromatic mists when you incorporate grapefruit fragrance in them. This scent is also popular because of its astringent, joyful, and antibacterial scent, so you’re really in for a treat with this one. 


This is a chance that can get an intoxicating smell. Vetiver is also known as khus oil, and this is related to lemongrass and palmarosa. The main component of the oil is made up of sesquiterpenes which are aromatic compounds in the plant. You can decrease feelings of stress and anxiousness with vetiver oil. You can apply this topically at your back, feet, and neck to help you ground your emotions and focus more on your work.

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