What to do About Erectile Dysfunction: Need-To-Know Guide

Men often dread the term erectile dysfunction because of how it impedes sexual intercourse. And for others, affects their self-esteem greatly. There are those who choose to ignore it for fear of being ridiculed. However, ED should be taken seriously and can be addressed with the right medication and treatments. Click for pills here.  

An Overview On Erectile Dysfunction

What exactly is impotence, ED, or when spelled out, Erectile Dysfunction? ED is the inability to achieve an erection, or the inability to lengthen the period of erection. And happens more commonly than many might think. 

Age And Erectile Dysfunction 

Studies have proven that age is among the greatest factors that affect erectile dysfunction. Bodily systems weaken as a man becomes older due to chronic health disorders. For example, when the cardiovascular system is weak because of blocked arteries, blood flow is impeded. As a result, it isn’t able to carry enough of it to the penis. Hence, the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. 

That’ not all. Your respiratory system’s state contributes to this as well. Smokers find themselves more prone to erectile dysfunction because as the lungs are enfeebled, oxygen becomes difficult to distribute in the bloodstream. Once this cycle is unbalanced, blood circulation around the penis will be lessened. 

Other Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction 

Neurological Disorders 

Erectile Dysfunction due to neurological issues

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Neurological health is very much connected to men’s reproductive system. If some of the brain’s parts aren’t functioning as they should, or have become slower, the transmission of information from it to the reproductive organs is hampered. Therefore, an erection becomes difficult to achieve. 

Some neurological disorders include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, etc. Nerve damage such as is the result of prostate surgery will lead to this, too. 


There are prescribed medications that have ingredients that prevent proper erection. And because most of the said medications are lifelong supplements, they bring about long-term impacts to the male reproductive organs in turn. 

Chemotherapy meds, synthetic hormones, depressants, etc. Ask your doctor for a list of what medications cause erectile dysfunction. 

Endocrine Health 

A regulator of reproduction and sexual function, the endocrine system is a contributor to erections or erectile dysfunction. Insulin is broken down by the endocrine system and if a man has diabetes, it will impact the production of insulin and lead to ED.

Emotional And Mental Health 

Erectile Dysfunction due to mental health issues

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Finally, emotional and mental health. Stress may lead to impotence, especially if you’ve already experienced it before. The tendency to become anxious when you’re anticipating coitus and because you become fearful of ED happening again, your mind and body will stop relaxing. In effect, erectile dysfunction will come to pass once more. 

There are medications and treatments that you can avail of to prevent the reoccurrence of erectile dysfunction. But before you partake of any of them, consult your physician first. There might be health conditions you may not yet be aware of and maybe worsened with some ingredients found in ED meds. 

Also, it will be good for you to find out if you have any allergic reactions to the same, and if your current medical supplements will not dampen its efficacy. 

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