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5 Simple Ways to Enhance A Home for The Summer

Enhance Your Indoor Or Outdoor Spaces for the Upcoming Summer Season. Here are Five Simple Ways to Do It. Read on! 

As the leaves once again turn green and the snow melts away, do you find yourself craving more from your interior and exterior spaces? Do you want to optimize their aesthetics while personalizing your living spaces? Of course, you do!

But don’t worry! This isn’t an extensive or pricey home renovation project. These are merely suggestions for enhancing and improving your personal spaces for the summer. Check it out below.

Install Some New Lighting

 Nothing adds ambiance and utility to a room quite like some new lighting! Light is an amazing thing. The proper lighting can improve one’s mood and overall health, while lack of lighting might disrupt sleep, mood, or create other issues. There are a few kinds of lighting to consider:

  • Accent lighting like wall sconces or a floor lamp. Perfect for just about any room, especially the kids’ room or the entertainment/living room.
  • Task lighting from a lamp or smaller light fixture. Great for a den or an entertainment room. It’s also useful for something like a kitchen space where ambient light is not needed.
  • Ambient lighting for a ceiling fan or recessed lighting. Ideal For master bedrooms and smaller bedrooms, although a smaller bedroom will probably contain less lighting than the master.

Each of these lighting styles has uses in different rooms of the home. Depending on the space you’re trying to enhance/set up,  you’ll want to carefully place your lights

enhance a home for the summer

Upgrade the Drapes

Are you tired of your threadbare, drabby old drapes? Of course, you are! If your drapes are worn out, outdated, or don’t function the way you want them to, then consider replacing them. Window dressing is great for tying a room together and making it feel more like home. There’s a wide variety of looks and styles available that can help enhance the room’s overall appearance. Drapes and curtains also tie into the lighting as they allow you to filter natural light into your home through your windows. curtains can change the entire appearance and overall aesthetic of a room by virtue of their style and how they are used to complement your interior design.

Install A Rustic Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a fantastic improvement for any space. They can provide ambient lighting and increase the airflow in a room. A good quality fan will be both energy-efficient and look good. During the summertime, they become a vital resource for keeping you cool – through a windchill effect generated by a downdraft –and also have some utility in the wintertime by switching the fans of direction. To give your home more of a countryside/rustic appearance, consider getting one or two of these charming rustic ceiling fans for your home. Ensure the room and fan size are complementary to each other and that you select the correct type of mount for the fan. you can also accessorize rustic fans with LED lighting or remote control. They’re incredibly versatile designs – largely due to their mix of wooden and metal construction materials and angled blades – that work well in any home.

Accessorize Your Space

 Accessorizing your living space is both practical and helpful for enhancing your environment. Why not add some plants, pictures, or a movie poster? A poster of your favorite film on the wall might add some personality and flavor to your personal space, but it’s not as sleek as adding some artwork. Or get the best of both worlds and do both. It’s nice to be able to look at something you enjoy every day, regardless of the medium. Plants are especially useful in an indoor space as they can look good while performing an essential function: reducing the amount of VOCs in the home and increasing the flow of oxygen. This ultimately helps you breathe easier in your own home while also having something nice to share with yourself, friends, and visitors.

enhance a home for the summer

Rearrange Your Furniture

Decluttering is an effective means of adding some relaxation and reducing stress to your life. A clutter-free space is an open and welcome space, conducive to relaxation, productivity, and better mental health. Rearranging furniture can be part of the decluttering process, but it’s just as effective in its own right. Moving furniture can be an effective means of stress reduction and a way to give yourself more control over your own world. It doesn’t hurt matters that the interior static of your home can benefit from strategically placed furniture that’s not only beautiful but also comfortable. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home so you may as well have things set up in the way you want them to be. If you’re going to be having friends over this summer, a good furniture arrangement will help increase their comfort as well.

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