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DIY Projects to Add Value to an Old, Outdated Home

Older homes are quirky, and unfortunately, some of those quirks are less than fun. For every unique architectural feature and stunning established garden, older homes tend to have outdated elements that not only look unattractive but function inefficiently, to boot. Though you might have seen the character in your older home, there is no guarantee that future buyers will as easily look past your home’s flaws.
diy projectsRemodeling an older home isn’t in every homeowner’s budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with outdated features forever. Here are a few DIY projects that you can complete in a weekend to drastically improve the look and function of your space.

A Fresh Front Door Color

More than the rest of your front elevation combined, your front door tells guests and passersby what to expect from your home. If your front door hasn’t been refinished in decades, viewers expect that the rest of your home is similarly outdated and shabby. Then again, if your front door catches the eye with bright, trendy color and other attractive decorative elements, it can disguise all manner of other ills visible from the street.
The color you choose will depend largely on the other colors around the exterior of your home as well as your home’s style. Timelessly attractive colors include red, green, and gray, but you should feel free to experiment with more exhilarating colors like turquoise, violet, and yellow if you so wish. When buying paint, you should consider the material of your door, so you can purchase a paint variety that will stick well to your door’s surface. Glossy exterior finishes are best because they resist wear and tear better, meaning you won’t need to repaint in the near future. You can read more about the process of painting a front door here:  

New Lighting Fixtures

It is surprising how quickly light fixtures can look outdated and how much that impacts the feel of your home. If your home suffers from 1980s-style track lighting, flush mounts circa 1990 or heavy, dark chandeliers popular in the ‘00s, it is definitely time to invest in some new lighting to bring your home into the new decade.
Electrical work isn’t nearly as scary or complicated as many homeowners believe, and the process of changing a light fixture should take you an hour, tops. However, before you start replacing light fixtures, you might want to evaluate the health of your home’s electrical system. If any of your lighting fixtures do not function well, or if you notice flickering lights or spotty power, you might want to contact your home warranty provider to check on the health of your electrical system. Then again, if you don’t have a home warranty, you should seriously consider getting one here:

Updated Outdoor Living

Modern homebuyers like to make the most of their properties inside and out, so one of the best ways to add value to any property, especially an older one, is to add an outdoor living space where you and future homeowners can entertain and enjoy the outside air.
Outdoor living can take many forms. A larger project might entail installing an outdoor kitchen, replete with countertops, built-in grill, minifridge, and more. However, if you are eager to add this value with minimal time and financial investment, you might merely lay pavers and landscape with trendy greenery. It doesn’t take much investment to make an outdoor space stylish and comfortable; you can gain more insights on the DIY projects here:

Molding, Beadboard, Ceiling Coffers and More

diy projects
If you want to enhance the character of your older home, you should consider installing interior trim. Crown moldings, beadboard wainscoting, ceiling coffers and more give homes an old-world architectural look that feels classic and upstanding as opposed to outdated. If you paint the trim with a modern color palette, you can ensure your home seamlessly blends old and new for an elevated style that homebuyers will gravitate toward.
Some trim work is incredibly easy and requires minimal expertise — like wainscoting — and some trim work is much fussier and more frustrating — like crown molding. However, if you take the project slow and are careful to check and re-check your measurements, you should end up with a gorgeous interior space. You can learn more about what you’ll need for trim projects here:
It doesn’t take a professional flipping company to make an older home feel fresh and new. You can transform your outdated space into an exciting and enticing property over time by investing in DIY projects that increase its value.

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