How to Disable Video Ads Autoplay in Google Chrome

If advertisements were aliens, the boss would immediately play video ads. You can ‘t picture anything more irritating on the internet than the noisy advertisements that frighten you every time. And the pattern is that the number of websites offering automated video replay grows. Not all such videos are trying to sell you sketchy computer games that can only be viewed on the website or on the resources offered on that website. They are, however, distracting, unwelcome, and unexpected. In this post, we’ll look at ways to block pop-up video advertisements and allow HTML5 autoplay. In this article, you will get to know how to stop video ads with AdLock

stop video ads with AdLock

How to Block Video Autoplay on Android in Google Chrome 

If you are using Google Chrome as your main browser, then you have three options to block auto replay video ads:

  1. by changing the window tab; 
  2. by permanently muting the website; 

Right-press the tab; press the “Mute website/tab” button. It even works with pinned windows. If required, you can unsubscribe from the website by repeating the same behavior.

Permanently muting the page You will permanently mute websites to keep any video ads from being played automatically. To permanently ban autoplay advertising on a website, you should: right-click the “Safe” button on the left side of the URL; select the “Audio” drop-down; test the “Always block on this link” feature.

This system is perfect because you don’t have to think about muting / unmuting the platform any time you visit it.

 3. by disabling autoplay in Chrome flags;

Go to Settings > Site Settings. After that, scroll down the menu and tap on Media and then Autoplay and toggle the switch off.

stop video ads with AdLock

How to Block Video Autoplay in Chrome on Desktop

Open Chrome and in the Address Bar type: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and press Enter. You can see the flag that you need to change. From the drop-down box, change the setting from Default to “Document user activation is required” and relaunch the browser.


How to Avoid Video Advertising Using AdLock

The only way to prevent video advertisements on all the sites is to use an ad blocker. While most browsers do have options that offer solutions for dealing with ads, those options are incomplete and have a lot of targets. First, since browsers don’t want to participate in an open fight with big advertisers, and second, since all major browsers are safe, they simply can’t afford a high-quality ad-blocking alternative because it needs both time and money. 

The easiest way to get rid of distracting advertisements is to use our exclusive AdLock ad-blocking app because it provides robust options for both laptops and smartphones.

We’ve rounded up the best way to get rid of annoying video advertising on PC browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. You can either screw up with window settings or focus on a decent adblocker and forget about advertisements forever. 

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