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How Easy is it to Dig a Well on Your Property?

Have you ever looked at your water bill and wondered why you are paying so much money? Or perhaps you have decided to move to a rural area property and don’t have a water supply yet. A new supply line can certainly be expensive!
In either scenario or if you’re simply worried about the end of the world issues, you may wish to consider having your own well on your property.
Of course, that leads to the question of how easy is it to dig a well on your property?
The essence of digging a well on your property is straightforward, you need a deep hole that is deep enough to find the water table in your region. That means you’ll need to dig down anything between 10-60 ft. In some cases, they can go significantly deeper than this.

The Two Methods of Well Digging

There are two approaches to digging a well, both of which can work.

  1. Digging by Hand

digging a well on your property
As the title suggests this is literally digging a deep hole in the ground. You’ll need to support the hole as you dig to ensure that the sides don’t collapse. You’ll also need a good system of buckets to allow someone on the service to haul the soil up and get rid of it as you dig.
This is a tried and proven method but, it is time-consuming. Digging a well by hand takes a lot of time and effort. Once you’ve got low enough to find the water table you’ll need to drop large concrete rings into the well hole. These will prevent the walls from collapsing, keeping your well useable for years to come.

  1. Drilling

drilling a well on your property
The alternative and much easier option is to use a drill. Specialist well boring drilling rigs are used that literally drill straight into the ground. As the drill clears the soil it inserts a metal casing down the hole, effectively ensuring the walls won’t collapse.
There is minimal effort involved when drilling a well and you’ll be able to go much deeper than when you dig it by hand. Of course, the hole is much smaller as well.

Getting The Water

Drilling or digging the hole provides access to the water below the surface of the earth. However, to use it you need to either have a pump or a manual system of extracting the water.
A winch and bucket will work with a hand-dug well but those that are bored usually have smaller holes, necessitating the use of quality mine dewatering pumps. These are electric pumps that will lift the water out of the well and send it wherever you want.
It can even be piped to a home treatment plant, allowing you to clean the water and use it in your home. The good news is that water got through your own well is generally significantly cheaper in the long run than paying the water board.
It’s the perfect way to start becoming more self-sufficient.

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