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Top Tips When Designing A Healing Garden At Home

At some point, everyone starts to think about their dream home and what you would want to include. In many cases, the logical conclusion is to look at custom-built homes in order to ensure you get everything you want. 
But, the home is only part of the equation, you also need to consider the garden and how best to landscape it. An increasingly popular option is to create a healing garden at home. This doesn’t have to be your entire garden, just enough to give you a space to unwind and relax. 
However, before you start creating your healing garden you should consider the following.

Create A Goal

Before you start you need to decide if you prefer a healing garden that is enabling or restorative. The restorative option generally focuses on helping you to recover from an illness and stay healthy. 
The enabling garden is designed to keep you active for longer and thus maintain your health.
It’s important to decide which you want as it affects the layout and things you put in your garden.

Use Water

A healing garden needs to have running water. There is no sound that is more relaxing and helps you to become in-tune with nature. It doesn’t have to be a huge waterfall or fountain, a small bubbling water feature will suffice. 

Sound & Light

Alongside this, you want relaxing sounds that calm your mind and help you feel at one with nature. Wind chimes are good, wooden ones have a particularly pleasant sound. You can purchase these or make them yourself. But, you should consider where they are positioned to maximize their effect as you sit in your healing garden, without being annoying. 


A good healing garden should invite you to sit, take in the moment, and enjoy the natural world around you. That means you need to think about comfortable seating and you’ll want to consider where the sun is. There is little point in relaxing in your garden only to find that the sun is beating down on you and you are uncomfortable. It must be possible to add shade to the garden.
Don’t forget, if you want to get the most out of your healing garden there should also be areas that need to be maintained. This will help to keep you physically and mentally active while lowering your stress levels.


In order to feel you are in the garden and at one with nature, you need to attract wildlife to your garden. You can do this by choosing your plants carefully and adding a variety of bird feeders. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the wildlife starts to arrive and how pleasant it is sitting back in the sunshine watching and listening to them.

Focal Points

Finally, if you want to meditate in your healing garden you’ll need a few focal points. This will help you to focus your mind and make the most of the space available. They also make good talking points when you have friends to visit!

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