Discover the Secrets to Dental Implant Success

The real secret behind dental implant success is as simple as finding a reputable and experienced dentist, such as this dentist Petrie. The reason this is so important is that they will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you understand the options and make the right decision for you. 

A good dentist will put your mind at rest and can perform the dental implant with minimal hassle and it should last for years, potentially a lifetime. 

Why Dental Implants?

An implant is necessary when you lose a tooth. There are several reasons this can happen, ranging from tooth decay to trauma. Once the tooth has to be extracted you’ll be left with a gap and you may feel that you can just leave it. But, your jawbone will heal, eliminating the spot where the tooth was. In the process, it’s possible your other teeth will move. This can cause problems with your bite and even cause weakness in your other teeth, leading to further issues. 

That’s why it’s best to have a tooth implant completed. 

How the Implant Works

Dental Implant - Process

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There are several different types of implants and your dentist will advise which options are available. The preferred and simplest option is to insert a titanium rod into your jaw bone. This creates a peg for the new tooth to adhere to. Titanium fuses with the bone, which means there will be a couple of weeks between the rod being inserted and the tooth are attached. But, the tooth will be as strong as your natural ones, if not stronger. 

If you don’t want something inserted in your bone or it’s not healthy enough you can have a peg secured into your gum or attached to your cheekbone. Your dentist will advise you regarding the available options.

The Secret to Success

Alongside having a good dentist, it’s important to assess the location of the implant. For it to be successful the implant must be positioned to provide good aesthetics and bite. This ensures no unnecessary pressure is placed on other teeth creating issues. 

As well as getting the placement right, the dentist needs to assess your bone to ensure there is enough good jawbone to attach a rod to. If there isn’t one of the above options may be discussed. But, it’s also possible to augment your jawbone to make the implant possible. Of course, this increases the amount of time the process takes but the end result will be worth it.

Measuring Success

If the implant is positioned properly and secured in your jawbone you’ll be able to use it as normal. There will be no change to your bite or the comfort and look of your teeth. In fact, a successful implant should last the rest of your life! That makes it a worthwhile investment. 

To help build your confidence you should note that implants have an impressive 95% success rate, all you need is the right dentist to guide you through the process and restore your smile.

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