What is ‘Supernatural’ Star Dean Winchester up to these Days?

If you are a super fan of American series and seasons, then you must have some idea about Dean Winchester of Supernatural. Or just in case this name is new to you, so don’t worry. This article is at your service to help you understand more about the character. 

dean winchester

What is Supernatural All About?

Supernatural is an American television series. It was created by Eric Kripke. Further, WB is responsible for airing the series. It was first aired on 13 September 2005. Recently, in 2019 the channel broadcasted the 15th and last season of this serial. 

Revolving around two Winchester brothers, the serial is a dark fantasy. Those two brothers are Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. Both are trying to find their lost father. During their journey, they face ghosts, vampires, demons, monsters, and other supernatural creatures. 

Being Dean’s fan, you must have some curiosity about what Dean Winchester is up to nowadays. So here is this article to answer this question. 

Say Hello to Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester is the leading role of the series. Also, he is the hunter. Born on 24 January 1979, in Kansas, he is the eldest kid of the Winchester family. While Sam Winchester is four years younger than him. 

More About Dean’s Past Players

Jensen Ackles is the one leading actor to play the role of Dean Winchester. While other actors have also played some stages of the character. Their names are:

  • Hunter Brochu appeared as a toddler in Episode ‘Pilot’
  • Ridge Canipe played the role of kid Dean Winchester in 2006 in the episodes ‘Something Wicked’ and ‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’.
  • Nicolai Lawton-Giustra appeared as pre-teen Dean in 2010 and 2011
  • Moreover, Brock Kelly and Dylan Everett played the role of teen Dean and Chad Everett played the role of elderly Dean in the episode ‘The Curious Case of Dean Winchester’

What Dean is up to in the Last Season?

Here is what Dean Winchester is up to:

  • Going to face threats

Fans are going to be baffled as Dean and Sam are going to face some serious threats. And that too from everything they have ever dealt with. Or you can also say that they are going to face everything which is hard to imagine. 

  • Expecting a Fight

Maybe fans are going to watch a fight between both brothers against GOD. Hence, last season is going to be far from everyone’s imagination. 

  • Dean’s Destiny

Now when a very few episodes are remaining now, Sam and Dean are still not sure about their destiny. The same goes for their fans who are getting curious about every single episode. 

  • Reenacting the Scene

Dean is all set to reenact the scene of the ‘worst toilet in Scotland’. The scene is of Trainspotting. So, if you liked the scene before, you are going to love it now. 

  • Venturing Into Purgatory

Fans are going to witness the amazing venture of Dean and Cass into Purgatory. There, they might experience some new things.  

  • Dean to Defend World

So, Dean is going to defend the world in the last season. As all souls from hell have come to Earth, it is upon Dean now to protect this world. 

  • Reunion With Adam Winchester

Adam’s fans are going to have a treat in the last episode as Adam Winchester is going to make a comeback in the last episode. He is the long-forgotten sibling of Dean Winchester. Hence, you can expect a reunion between Adam and Dean. 

  • Facing the Most Powerful

Lastly, Dean and Sam are going to face the most powerful being in the world. Or might be possible, something opposite is going to happen

  • Can Dean Meet Papa Winchester?

Nothing much is said about this thing in the media. But if it happens, this is going to be a surprise for Dean and Sam. Also, viewers are hoping to see him one more time on the show. 

What is going to Happen with Jensen Ackles?

Jensen, who has played Dean for straight fifteen seasons, is now attached to his fans and roles. Also, fans are going to keep him in their hearts and minds as a tough elder brother. They are going to keep him in their hearts as a brother who is brave, caring and courageous. 

All You Need To Know About Last Days of Shooting

As the series is one of the hit series of the channel, the cast of the series is also performing their best to give the surprising end.

Also, Misha Collins, who is playing Castiel, posted a photo of Jensen Ackles. So, you can see Jensen posing sadly for the last days of shooting. 

What is real Dean, Jensen, up to these days?

dean winchester

Currently, there is no news about the new project by Jensen. However, he said that on a TV show that he will appear in a new series soon. This is all because his wife does not want him to go on long vacations. Instead, she wants to see him following his acting passion.

Are You Ready For The Last Episode?

The last episode of the series Supernatural is all set to appear on May 18, 2020. To watch the last episode of your favorite, be prepared on the set date. Also, the 20 episodes long last season is going to surpass all expectations and imaginations of its fans. So be ready for the last episode and keep cheering for everyone’s favorite Dean Winchester. 

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